Thursday, January 26, 2023

[ToM] Lovely Slots

This large raised mound of earthen stone is carved with very deep grooves, almost as if by hand. The carves in the stone are very narrow, shallow canyons giving the impression of an open-air cave system. The canyons are thin enough to only let one or two men walk abreast and only about the height of a two story house, but they still provide excellent cover from the wind and rain. They're also basically impossible to climb both from within and outside, making them safe from attack if someone even knew you were there. The canyons themselves are strangely unknown to the creatures and beings of this land, making them an ideal hiding and resting place; do not really random encounters or wandering monsters while within the slots.

The slots are nicely situated. They are only about three hours away from the base of the temple itself traveling over the dunes and thru the enchanted fields, only about an hour from the migration stone, and about three hours from the strange lump in the desert.

Within the mess of canyons is one that narrows very tight and then terminates in a small enclosed area with only one entrance and exit. It's difficult to find- but if one camps at the slots during a full moon they will see a shaft of moonlight come directly straight out of the opening- leading the way to a secret place. Still appearing fresh and new is a large worked circle of clay-stone within this small cul-de-sac in the canyons. This is a ritual site for the People of Mozz- an adjoining holy place to the temple associated with the moon and secrecy. The Lovely Slots are the location of the Moon Circle.

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