Saturday, January 7, 2023

[ToM] The Cat

Art @Jenna Barton

The Cat
(5+2 HD, AC +2, Claws at 2d6, Bite at 1d8, Instant Reflex, Cannot be Surprised)
Morale- 6

The Cat is the name the brownies of the savanna have given this creature. Take the picture with a grain of salt; you'll certainly never find The Cat indoors.

The Cat is a predator and is opportunistic. It is a man eater but is a coward and has a low morale score- however its morale score doubles when attacking someone alone. In addition, the first time the creature it hit with an attack each combat, it instead dodges it instead. Roll a morale check after the first attack is dodged; on failure, it runs away and stalks for its next ambush. The creature cannot be surprised, but can pretty easily creep up on you if you aren't keeping watch.

The brownies mock the cat and throw stones at anyone who is a cat-person or has a cat on their heraldry- they laugh it off. However, if they actually know the cat is around, they run and hide. They are afraid of The Cat- as should anyone here who is a halfling, gnome, dwarf, or any other creature that the cat would consider its most ideal prey.

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