Friday, January 20, 2023

[ToM] Dim Barracks

Carved out of the soft earth, this burrow was once a living space for cultists. The ceiling is pocketed with gently glowing crystals- giving this room a comfortable atmosphere. Good half of the crystals have fallen out of the ceiling; shattering on the floor into dull bits- only the whole crystals glow bright enough.

These crystals can be pulled out by hand from the soft soil ceiling. They are worth 150 gp each, and there are 3d8 of them here. You can also strap a few of them together on a stick and make an endless, smokeless torch.

The room was divided by curtains for privacy. Round "beds" long since rotted to straw and sludge that curl high at the sides- looking much like birdnests for the Mozz cultists to lay their heads. Each nest is elevated on a stone box, some of which have fallen in, and the box once contained their belongings. It should go without saying these cultists did not much trust each other. Many ancient bird bones remain within these piles.

If you search the room thoroughly, you will encounter two traps.

The first trap is a silver hand-trap shaped like a bird's talon. If you stick your hand under the nestbox it snaps shut, disabling that hand and dealing 1d6 damage. It can't be removed by hand and requires a healer and 1d3 days to fully remove. While you adventure, the talon doesn't do any more damage to you- just makes you unable to use that hand for a bit.

The second trap is an Explosive Rune.

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