Friday, January 13, 2023

[ToM] Quiet Estuary

The water from the Temple of Mozz travels down a river and feeds the jungle. Along the way, a slow-moving section of the stream has grown into a small oasis. There is a large tree overlooking a cool pond. The fish are docile and have forgotten the ancestral fear of shadows crossing over the pond- a once sure sign one of the Mozz was practicing their hunting skills.

This acts as a landmark and place of rest. If you follow the river towards either the temple or the jungle, this acts as a nice halfway point. Resting here recovers 1 bonus Hit-Point, but you still have to roll for a reaction check.

The tree here stands alone. It stands tall over the fish sanctuary. If you touch the tree, you will feel a supernatural sense of growth and living strength in its trunk. The tree is fed power from a sacred site beneath it; in the aquifer zone below. If you take the Roothand Gauntlet from its altar, this tree will die and the estuary will become quiet and dead- no more little fishes seeking shelter in its aquatic roots.

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