Monday, January 23, 2023

[ToM] The Peaks

This place was once a great metropolis. For the Mozz, these peaks were where they build their nests; elevated off the hostile earth and within a short flight of the Great Temple's light overlooking them; this was where the Mozz who were not priests and favored of the gods could live.

These great spires poke up from the ground- sharp and steep. The only sign of the once-city are the deep grooves and notches embedded in the very stone of the spires- places where great nests and buildings were built, perilously suspended from the dusty ground beneath. Any valuable construction materials were scavenged long ago, and the wood rotted to nothing.

This place is haunted. Too many memories to pass on quietly, even from the race that spawned them. Dark energy inhabits this place; the despair and pain of the people of Mozz as they fell from grace- the seediness of the literal undercroft beneath their feet at the height of their glory- such things are not forgotten by places so easily. While the peaks act as good cover and are an elevated location to keep track of things in the valley- simply resting here is perilous.

If you camp the night here, you are assaulted by night terrors. Every character sleeping here gets either bad luck (rolls with disadvantage on their next saving throw) or takes 1 damage to their Wisdom score. Additionally, if you trek away from a fire at night in this location, you will be beset by Boogeymen.

Boogeymen (1 HD, 1d6 Cruel Weapons, Bug-Spit, Made-Of-Cloth, Playful Sadism)
Morale- 8
Numbers- 1d8+3

Boogeymen are creatures of the night- appearing from nightmares and negative emotions. They appear as bipedal beings made of decaying cloth. The boogeymen seem intelligent, but cannot speak, only capable of using some basic metal scraps, wooden spikes, and throwning rocks as weapons. Each Boogeyman is made up of thousands of squirming bugs inside of their bodies which animate them- and their intelligence is determined by the number of bugs inside them. As such, the leader of each Boogeyman group will be the smartest one animated by the most bugs- which to you will simply appear as the biggest and fattest one.

The Boogeymen leak bugs whenever they are hit. Spears and arrows do normal damage. Blunt weapons deal half damage, unless spiked or bladed. Slicing weapons like swords or glaives kill them in one hit, spilling their guts out and causing the swarming mass inside to seek cover under rocks and plants.

If a group of Boogeymen attack and grapple a character, they'll spit bugs onto them in close range. This will cause a small swarm of poisons spiders and centipedes to bite and sting them- causing 1d2 damage to a random stat.

Finally; the Boogeymen are creatures of nightmares and sadistic by nature- but aren't especially lethal. They much prefer tormenting people over actually killing them, which they seem to fail at doing with an almost childlike ineptitude. Whenever the Boogeyman could lethally strike a character, they just target someone else unless they're the only one left.

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