Saturday, January 21, 2023

Eggeater's Shrine

Deep within the Jungle, there is a hidden place. Outsiders cannot find it, as it is hidden with a spell. Even to this day, uncountable years after it was long abandoned, it is still protected.

If you go looking for the Shrine in the jungle, you only have a 1 in 20 chance to find the Shrine each day spent exploring. However, you may increase this chance by +1 in 20 for each of the following events;

  • Fight / Follow Snakes encountered in the jungle as per random encounter
  • Spend a day looking for the Shrine in the jungle
  • You are carrying the eggs of an intelligent creature; the Eggeater calls to them
  • For each piece of literature or warning about the Cult you find that once worshiped here.

The Shrine itself is a circular ditch of dirt in the jungle floor. Despite how obvious it should be, especially from the air, the enchantment hides it- you can only reach the shrine through two tall, ancient trees with vines passing between them. Crossing under this archway, now you can reach the shrine. Once someone has visited the shrine at least once, they may find it again as if it was any other location.

Food and offerings for the giant snake are left out here on the dirt circle, with stomping the feet or playing the drums being traditional ways to wake up the great serpent for his next meal.

At the end of the small clearing is a black pit in the earth with a sloped floor. You can follow it down to go into a small dungeon made of dirt and loose stone pressed into the walls; the lair of the godling and its worshipers.

[1] The Place for Wine
[2] Burrowers Room
[3] Dim Barracks
[4] Embalming Workshop
[5] Gem Chamber

Snake Stealth Mechanics
The big snake that lives in this dungeon has its own mechanics. It is a very heavy sleeper, but will wake up the same as any normal, mortal creature that dares to disturb it. The snake is used to small creatures clamoring over it- but it can sense if someone is doing something dangerous for it (like poison it) or digging through the pit at the back of the gem chamber. Any kobold, goblin, gnome, or halfling party member could climb over the snake- but the passage is too small to allow anyone larger back behind the creature.

If you make noise in a fight in the central hall (the place for wine), touch the snake, shout, or dig in the gem chamber- the snake will stir. When the snake is stirring, you must make a stealth check to move or do anything other then stand very still and quietly. After one exploration turn, the snake will fall back into its deep slumber and you are safe again. If two things that disturb the snake are happening at once, it will wake up. This means it is impossible to yell back to someone in the Gem Chamber if they start digging in the pit- at least without waking up the snake.

If Eggeater has just had a meal of a few adventurers or consumed an offering- it now takes two actions to stir the snake from deep sleep to stirring- meaning three total before it wakes. Whenever the snake is awoken, it investigates one source of noise or disturbance at random.

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