Thursday, January 5, 2023

[ToM] Migration Stone

This large standing stone in the middle of a dusty flat provides the only shade for a good mile in any direction. It's a semi-cylinder that stands about three men tall. Close inspection of the stone during dawn or dusk will lead to strange inconsistencies with its shadow compared to your own; but without any nearby landmarks to compare it too, the stone keeps its secret.

When not watched, the stone moves. It moves at a glacial pace, but "migrates" around the valley it is kept in, between four sand dunes. If you try to use the migration stone as a landmark to navigate around here, you will lose an extra turn of walking when it isn't in the right place.

If you had several very strong men (or a giant) topple the stone over, one would find that at its base an ancient word of power has been chiseled in. Once you learn this word; you will know the magic spell to create Golems.

Any golem created by this word have a strange quirk. They will serve dutifully for thirty-six years and then, without any explanation, be consumed by a fierce wanderlust and leave regardless of any orders or binds that attempt to hold it in your service.

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