Sunday, January 1, 2023

The Great Temple of Mozz

Standing over the enchanted fields and farrows, the great Temple of Mozz once was the crowning achievement of the last great people. The Mozz were bird men, with the powers of flight, who lived and worshiped closely with their powerful pantheon of Gods. All who saw the temple once were struck by its splendor, and the bird-men of Mozz showed it off to all beings of the earth, as a sign and symbol of their great strength. Now, it still stands, but in decay and ruin. The land surrounding it, once the land of plenty for the bird men, is now uninhabited and desolate; except for the enchanted stream from the temple's own feet.

The temple towers over the land. It is more akin to a temple complex or even a small city standing upright. Long cut slits along its height allowed for both light and Mozz to fly to and from the temple; as a window and door are one in the same to the bird men. Now, they are possible points of entry, but also peril, to those who wish to plunder this ancient tomb.

Yet even though the oldest elves have only the most vague and ancient of memories of the people of Mozz; there are tales of their great wealth and riches still stored within that temple. These stories inspire young adventurers to make the dangerous journey into the badlands towards the place where nobody dares go; to plunder the riches of the ancient temple. Even on approach one could be killed; the issuing forth of baleful light which slays even the most brave of adventurers. It is this peril most of all that inspires those to seek it; as it is said to come from the most sacred treasure at the core of the Great Temple of Mozz...

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