Wednesday, January 18, 2023

[ToM] Embalming Workshop

This room is filled with human-sized jars and snake artworks on the walls. Stucco paintings remain with vivid colors. Metal hooks hang from the ceiling, embedded in the stonework. Despite their age, they are as shining and clean as if they were just used; the oils put upon them and all other things in this chamber keep it almost timeless.

This room belonged to the Cult of the Eggeater. Used to preserve the bodies of the cult members in a bid for immortality, or to keep bodies fresh for necromantic rites; things which the people of Mozz despised. Wholesome Mozz' are always cremated to rejoin with the sacred skies; only these deviants or those harshly punished for heresy would have their corpses buried or preserved.

If you search the room, you find gold bindings (worth 2000 gp) of various sizes and lengths; ropes to bind corpses and undead who have gone feral. You will also find a dark magic implement; a Black Brain-Hook used to pull the brain out of a skull. The black hook increases the power of all necromantic spells cast with it- treating the caster as though they were one level higher for the spells' effects.

Making any noise in the room above a whisper causes the jars in the room to jostle and shake- the lids falling away as the disgusting goop within comes to life. These corpses were embalmed as well as the cultists could; but eons longer then even they could have predicted has led to a cursed state of undeath for all those kept in the huge jars- they don't even resemble birds anymore.

Jar Zombies (3+1 HD, 1d8+1 rotting slap, Wet, Undead)
Morale- N/A
Number- 2d8

The Jar Zombies are partially liquid, like a slime, and are resistant to fire (taking half damage), but are susceptible to lightning (taking double damage). As undead, they can be Turned. When Turned, these creatures slink back to their jars and shiver in fear. Breaking a jar open with a blunt weapon will stun the one inside for two rounds.

Additionally, this encounter will introduce a lot of chaos and filth to the room as the embalming jars are knocked over- causing it to fill with foul juices and miasma from the upturned jars. Everyone who participates in a combat in this room must save or catch a common disease; or take 1d2 damage to their Constitution score.

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