Wednesday, January 25, 2023

[ToM] Vulture Block

Heavy block of stone towers over the dry landscape. Only shadowed by the Peaks uphill nearby- the vulture block is constantly swarmed and inhabited by an army of vultures. The vultures will flee if you get close- they are only here for the free meals.

This is the dumping ground for the nearby Gnolls. Everything they kill and consume they bring their remains here in great heaps- keeping any annoying scavengers or cursed undead from intruding on their nearby camp. The piles of bones and carcasses rot to high heaven and have begun to pile up considerably; to the point that this place has become a nexus for dark magical energy. Digging through the pile, one can find gnawed bones of all kinds of animals as well as intelligent beings- humans, elves, dwarves, and even orc bones are among the trash.

This also acts as good hiding spot if you're approaching the gnoll camp. If you stay here at least one turn; you will become so saturated with the smell of death that you'll be able to sneak right up to the ugly dog-men. Any other creature will abhor your passing until you take a bath.

Also; if anyone in your party is a Necromancer, give them a free 500 xp if they spend a good long while examining the bones and states of death and decay here. This takes too long to be something you get if you just visit once; you have to either have driven off or made peace with the Gnolls, or somehow avoid them for several days. If you end up making peace with them or live at their camp; then you can study the remains from there easily.

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