Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Land around the Great Temple of Mozz

Base of the Temple
Enchanted Plots
Exposed Trenches
Quiet Estuary
Migration Stone
Lovely Slots
The Lump
Overlook Mesa
Drytalon Canyon
Perching Stone
Gnoll Camp
Vulture Block
The Peaks
Tricksome Spire
Shadowy Recess
Avalanche Pass
Camp Remnants
[20] Savannah
Eggeater's Shrine

Wandering Encounters - Roll 1d6
[1] Giant Spiked Lizards (1 HD, +2 AC, +1 To-Hit, 1d4 Bite, 1d2 Eyebleed)
Morale- 6
Numbers- 1d6+1

Desert creatures- hungry for their next meal. Covered in thorns but not too dangerous. When threatened (if they take damage and survive) they shoot blood from their eyes- the blood stings like nettles. However after they shoot the eye-blood they become blind and can't see for the rest of the fight.

[2] Bird-Eating Snake (1 HD, +1 AC, +3 To-Hit, 1d4 Bite, Necrotic Venom)
Morale- 6
Numbers- Just one

Drab desert snake, blends in well. Sans rattle. If it bites you, save or take 1d6 damage per turn for the next hour. Its bite causes the flesh around it to rot away. This is a purely defensive tool; as the snake only eats birds. It hates the color green.

[3] Drytongue Camel (3 HD, +1 AC, 1d4 Hoof, Dryspit, Undead)
Morale- N/A
Numbers- 1d6

Shambling undead creatures from the deep desert. Desiccated corpses of camels; these creaky abominations move with surprising speed. Unless you are mounted, you cannot outrun them. They are Undead, and can be Turned.

While their sandy hoof-falls are not especially dangerous on their own, the camels spit is its most dangerous weapon. Each time one spits on someone, make a save. On a failed save, that person is suddenly extremely thirsty and must drink any liquid nearby (like a potion) or pass out from dehydration. If there is no adequate supply of water nearby, they will die in one hour. Camels can only spit once every three rounds.

If you brought horses along with you that died in the desert, this camel encounter will be joined by them. They have the same stats, but they can't spit.

[4] Giant Termites (2+2 HD, +2 AC, 1d6 Bite, Xylophagy, Blind)
Morale- 11
Numbers- 1d6 + 1 per round

Huge bugs that crawl around. There's never just one. If you "finish" this encounter, you didn't kill them all, they just got busy doing something else. The Termites are blind and won't be able to follow you if you just walk away quietly; as long as you aren't carrying anything too smelly.

Termites eat wood. On a hit, the termite has a 1 in 2 chance of consuming a wooden haft or handle of whatever weapon you're holding, or taking two rounds to fully munch down a wooden shield. If you don't have a wooden weapon, ignore this. Throwing down a sheaf of arrows is a good way to get them to leave you alone.

[5] Spanshadow (1 HD, +6 AC, Ethereal, Spells)
Morale- 10
Number- 1d3

This creature appears as the shadow of a great bird flying overhead, but if you look up- you'll see nothing in the sky. It is only a shadow on the ground, and a thing of powerful dark magic.

The shadow passes by quickly, as though it is in flight. You can only harm the shadow with a magic weapon, and only by striking its shadow as it flies by with great speed. In addition, the shadow casts spells- curses or hexes, but it can only strike those whose shadow passes over it. For this reason; ignore any spell effects that target an area of effect or hit more then one person. The shadows will keep casting spells and harass anyone until you defeat them or rest under something shady for 1d4 turns.

[6] Gnoll Patrol (2 HD, 1d6+1 Cruel Weapons, Pack Tactics, Superstition)
Morale- 8
Number- 2d6 Patrol OR 2d8+1 Shaman

Uh oh. Gnolls are strong and brutal, and get a bonus to damage. Gnolls aren't especially smart, but like to use basic flanking tactics- one attacks the front, while another circles to the rear to go in for the stealthy kill. Gnolls of this group are superstitious; the first time you cast a spell on them, they'll all be stunned for one round. Once the initial shock of this has worn off- they'll be back to normal.

There is also a 1 in 4 chance the Gnolls will be escorting their shaman to some place of magical importance or an especially interesting piece of carrion. Witchfinger is a 2+2 HD Gnoll Shaman that casts all sorts of nasty spells; but his favorite is his Whirlwind.

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