Tuesday, January 10, 2023

[ToM] Camp Remnants

This small raised hill between two small plants sticks out a bit from the surrounding meadow and badland. When examined up close there are tell-tale signs that a force of people had camped here for a time; holes in the ground where barricades were once staked around the camp, ash and moved stone for firepits, rows of shoveled dirt for latrines. It is clear it was a military force that moved here. There are very faint tracks that hint that the force moved towards the Great Temple after packing up their camp. Experienced trackers can tell this camp was here no less then two weeks ago.

This is a hint that an expedition of orcs exists within the temple. It is also a hint at the existence of the gnoll camp nearby, overlooking this place, as the orcs were defending from a possible attack.

If a creature of the earth (dwarf, drow) examines the camp for a turn, they can dig through a small pile of dirt to find a pair of cheat dice. These dice weren't actually designed to cheat, they were just really poorly made and always seem to roll the same numbers. This still gave the old owner an advantage and the dice were then secretly buried and left here by a jealous rival. Returning the dice to the leader of the orcs in the temple grants you +1 to your reaction check with him.

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