Sunday, January 8, 2023

[ToM] Overlook Mesa

An important overlook above the Drytalon Canyon, which you must naturally pass thru to reach the top. You can see for miles up here; including the valley up to the temple and beyond. This gives you the best vantage point of the area where the deadly light shines from the temple while still being safe from it. If you watch the light go off from up here; you get a better idea of its total range and where is safe and where isn't; reduce your travel time thru the Exposed Trenches by one Turn.

This mesa is also significant to the gnolls of the area. If someone in your party is a Druid, they can tell it is a sacred site to a shaman; related to the powers of the wind and harshness of a desert. Bones are placed with care around the rocks and edges of the cliffside- a sort of bleak temple. If you desecrate this sacred site, the shaman will lose his most powerful spell but you will anger the gnolls who will track and hound the scents of anyone they smell that has been here.

Underneath the sand and dust on the mesa is a central altar made of smooth carved stone, embedded into the rock. It is made of an identical "clay-stone" material as the temple itself. This was once a sacred site to the people of Mozz. You can only find the true nature of this place if divination is used on the mesa to uncover this secret, or this information is found in the Temple itself and its long forgotten map carvings. The Overlook Mesa is the location of the lost Sun Circle.

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