Monday, January 9, 2023

[ToM] Enchanted Plots

At the base of the tower lay the once-vibrant gardens and plots of farmland, richly irrigated and abundant. Here the people of Mozz feasted on worms, seeds, fruits, and many more. Now, it has degraded into a small collection of plots of land, with weeds growing in perfect rows and absolute order, still regulated by that ancient spellwork.

The plots of land no longer have any sign of habitation; though Mozz rarely built dwellings this close to the ground. It's become wild, but yet still somehow orderly and of civilization. If you spend a Turn exploring the plots, roll on the table below. Every time you roll on this table, add +1 to all future rolls. If you've already rolled one result, just pick the one one number higher.

Enchanted Plots Table - Roll 1d6
Silver Sickle, once belonging to the Nestmaker Priesthood. It's still sharp and shiny as ever, but the handle has long since rotted away. Worth 350 coins.

[2] Food! Tubers or grains, a lucky find. Gain 2d2 rations.

[3] Medicinal Herbs. Skilled herbalist will find one paralysis antidote, one bundle of sagebrush (dispels magic), and three poison antidotes. Takes two turns to gather.

[4] Stumps hidden by vines and overgrowth. There's a gnome living in one of them. (Replacement PC, Gnome Rogue of 1d6+1 level).

[5] Rope fibers. With a good twist, you could make these plants into strong rope. There's basically an unlimited amount of rope here, but would take many hours (multiple days of camping) to make any significant amount.

[6] Sleepy Gnoll. He's a forward scout, got lazy and fell asleep. If you bring him back to the Gnolls unharmed, you get +1 to your reaction check with them.

[7] Nothing.

[8+] Something waiting for you in the grass. Roll a random encounter. If you've pissed off the Gnolls, they'll know you've been going to the Temple and will ambush you here. Once you've dealt with this encounter, or once you've inevitably set fire to the grass, there is no longer any reason to roll on this table.

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