Monday, January 2, 2023

[ToM] Base of the Temple

The Great Temple of Mozz is held up for seven long legs. These legs stretch out radially from the towering structure; the bottom of the temple does not touch the ground at all, leading to a large shadowy space underneath. If you were to stand underneath the temple's center, one could look above and see the perfectly circular black entrance to the temple itself; this is the Skydoor, and has no ladders, bridges, or walkways which lead upwards. This is the most basic defense of the Temple- and it works very well for a race of people who are winged. To enter the temple from the base requires a long grappling hook and ropes to climb; a task that any 3rd level Thief could accomplish. Magic Users with Levitate could also reach the entrance from the ground, but naturally couldn't bring anyone with them without a more powerful spell.

The legs of the temple are crafted from some incredible stone material. They almost appear fluid and organic, like the massive roots of some oversized tree, but are clearly a technique of masonry even a great master-dwarf would be envious of. Each temple-leg terminates in a large circular pad on the ground to hold the temple's weight. Each pad has a shallow incline to the center which contains a large pool of water in a deep bowl. The water is pure and fresh, said to be collected by the Temple itself, running down its specially carved exterior to the legs, which transit the water to the pools like aquifers. Each one of these "ponds" also has sluice gate which is supposed to empty water down irrigation channels carved into the ground running outward like spiderweb from the base of the temple in all directions; but as of now all but two of these gates are broken and ruined. The two gates which still hold their enchantment directly border the Enchanted Plots, and are where the water that feeds that uninhabited farmland comes from. Also at the very deepest point of each pool is a shallow depression which can open to drain excess waters to an unseen place below; this drain only opens once per day and only for a few moments; only a very small being like a kobold or gnome could fit and if they tried they would get flushed away to a great underground reservoir.

Every pool at the end of each leg is perfectly clean and drinkable, except for one, which has stagnant and foul water, despite looking clear. This is because that pool is inhabited by an invisible crocodile. The crocodile and everything it eats and shits out is also invisible; so you could be drinking invisible poop water and not even know it. The crocodile rarely gets prey and will be desperate; it will not retreat from its pool.

Invisible Crocodile (3 HD, 14 AC, 1d8 Bite, Bite becomes 1d10 and stun on a failed save if you're in the water (it deathrolls you)

It takes about one turn to walk from one leg of the tower to the next one.

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