Friday, January 6, 2023

[ToM] Exposed Trenches

On the approach to the Temple; one must mind what side they approach from. This is the dangerous side.

Far up on the temple is a giant crack. This crack reveals to the outside little; only a shadowy darkness that hint at the darkness inside the temple. But this crack runs deep; all the way to the core of the temple. And it is from this core that the deadly light issues forth- cascading the land in lethal emission. Any living thing caught in this light from this distance will die. There is no cover; all of the trees or plants which may have shielded you from the light have long since been killed. The biggest clue you are within the killing field is when there are no more birds, insects, or grass at all; only the tiniest of grasses grow half covered and wilted behind small stones. The light is bright enough and at a high enough angle that even small walls for cover or your cloak cannot protect you- it even penetrates a few fingers deep into the earth, destroying the worms and burrowing things that enriched the soil. Now, only a cracked and dusty earth remains here and the corpses of those who dared approach. Do not roll for any random encounters here; nothing that lives in the valley will come this close.

The light emits randomly from the temple. It is a bright white. The light only lasts a few seconds, but is still enough exposure to be lethal. After the light fades away; there is a period of 2d6 Exploration Turns before it emits again. There is no way to tell how long or short the time between emissions is.

Those with a supernatural sense for danger (Wisdom +2 or better) will also have a bad feeling right before the light emits again. If this happens, there is a 1 in 6 chance your party can find the hole that leads down to the trench-tunnels down below- which is the only place of safety this close. Once you get to the base of the tower, you are once again safe from the light. The light within the temple also gets just a little brighter right before another release; but if you can see that, it's already too late.

It takes a certain amount of time to travel on foot through the danger zone of the Exposed Trenches to the Temple. The time to go back the other way is the same. If you're traveling on horseback, half your time.

From the Trench-Tunnel Hole to the Temple - 3 Turns
From the Drytalon Canyon to the Temple - 6 Turns
From the Perching Stone to the Temple - 7 Turns

The corpses are also very well preserved- no scavengers. If you stop to loot the corpses- add a turn to your travel time but find 1d20x10 gold and silver coins- many from dynasties that have already ended.

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