Wednesday, February 1, 2023

[ToM] The Grand Entrance

This massive, bowl-shaped entrance hall is designed to both welcome as well as impose the power and strength of the People of Mozz. It is dominated by the Skydoor, a massive hole in the floor that opens to the earth beneath the tower's base. It is wide and large enough that sunlight pours in from the ground's reflected light, given this room an eerie glow. Naturally, at this height, falling back down through the Skydoor means certain death.

Chest high stone basins once flowed with clean water, collected from the rain, and splashed majestically down the Skydoor. Now fetid mushrooms grow there, cringing away from the light below. Huge filthy standards displaying the symbol of the Mozz' warrior caste still hang- made of a material nigh impossible to cut- if you could somehow work it into shape, it would easily make something as soft of and pliable as a cotton robe but tough as chainmail. (Magic cloth armor at AC 14)

The Entrance Hall also has several large rows of stone seats arranged around the hole. This place was very significant to the Mozz- as the special hatchlings raised in the temple would make their first attempted flight here. This death-defying feat was not as dangerous as it seemed- as the ground would be covered in very soft and fine dust during these flights- it was purely for the crowd to see the Peacock Emperor's chicks soaring back up through the Skydoor for the very first time.

Around the seating arrangements and banded support structures for this large inner chamber- scrapping marks and trash can be seen that is much more modern then from the temple's ancient times. Many adventuring groups have taken a rest here after the exhausting climb up into the temple; besides the hole is a long coil of rope left here by another adventurer. Above it are scratches in the stone-

If I take this, I will return it
On my honor.

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