Wednesday, February 8, 2023

[ToM] Sky Theater

Large room dominated by three vertical windows. The floor is slanted very slightly upwards towards the outside wall, causing all casually standing or sitting to be looking upwards towards the sky- the horizon just barely not visible depending on how close to the window you are.

This was the Sky Theater, intended for their guests. The Mozz had their own way of doing their dances, a key element to the male element of their society, but for guests? It was made theatrical. Actors and dancers would fly in through the windows, disappearing into the sky to change into costume, and reappear again. The Sky itself was the backdrop of the performances; and plays would adjourn before continuing when the sky matched the action; the next time it rains, the scene of betrayal. The next sunrise- a hopeful journey begins. Thin lips, only about a foot across, jut out from the windows just out of sight for actors to rest and await their cue.

Stone blocks, which act as seats for the elderly watching the plays as well as stone tables for the people who have come to explore this place, sit about midway between the larger openings and the windows. On one block is a masquerade mask, made to fit a bird's beaked face, and a long red and black cloak faded with time, but still whole. If anyone claps, whistles, or speaks the line "But thankfully, they aren't here yet."- the mask and cloak will rise to take on its role as the threatening antagonist of this act.

Masked Stranger (2+2 HD, +2 To-Hit, +3 AC, Shadow Dagger at 1d4+1, Spells)
Morale- 9

Appears as a cloak and mask floating in the air. There is a tiny hint of a shadowy cloud beneath, animating it as a body. If killed, the mask will fall to the floor dramatically, cracked down the middle, with the cloak suddenly catching the wind and blowing out the window to places unknown.

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