Monday, February 6, 2023

[ToM] Guest Kitchen

The guests of the Mozz who were invited to stay at the temple were not merely peasants or hunter-gatherers, even of the lower races. Typically the great ones- the royals, the archmages, and those accustomed to luxury. The Mozz, never to be shown up, always tried to one-up them with showmanship.

The Guest Kitchen is an impressively large room once deemed to cook meals for hundreds of guests. Because of the differences in diets and cultures, those who came to the Temple and lived in the "Guest City" were expected to make their own food here- though the Mozz graciously would supply the ingredients or means.

Within this room are two large marble slabs, opposite each other. The slabs are engraved with a golden runic circle over the top. By placing ones hands on them and gently running your fingers along the circle, clockwise or counter-clockwise, you can generate heat or cold based on the rune. It requires no magical skill or spells to do this, but these slabs have not been calibrated for countless years, meaning that they are unpredictable.

If you touch a slab, it will emit a random amount of its elemental table. 50% chance to touch the Hot slab or the Cold slab at random until you know what each one does. Each slab can only be activated once per turn.

Hot Slab (Roll 1d6)

  1.  No effect
  2. Gentle warmth emits from the circle
  3. Candle-sized flame appears in the center of the circle. Open flame could be used to light a torch, generate some light to read by, etc.
  4. Pillar of intense heat appears in the rune circle; though its cool just outside of the engraving. Anything placed in the circle is cooked at a decent speed- in about a turn.
  5. Fire spews out from the rune circle uncontrollably. Someone has to run in to touch the circle to turn it off! As spell Burning Hands or 1d4 damage randomly fired to someone else standing in the room every round.
  6. The circle explodes with a hellish amount of heat and energy- though no flame is visible- it becomes hot enough to melt skin and fat and char bones to blackness. Deals 5d6 damage to the activator and 2d6 for anyone else in the room, unless they're touching the Cold Slab.

Cold Slab (Roll 1d6)

  1. No effect
  2. Stone feels oddly cool to the touch.
  3. Crisp cool wind emanates from the slab to the rest of the room. Heals 1 HP.
  4. Flash freezes any liquid inside the circle. Water skin or potion vial; frozen solid. If your hand is inside, deals 1d4 damage and a minor case of Frostbite.
  5. Strong cooling effect within the circle that chills and preserves any food item. Every turn it expands by 1 room and gets colder until the slab is touched again or it reaches the entire city- in which case it will start to fade away in an hour or two. This cold isn't strong enough to cause any effects it just feels weird and you'll shiver unless you have a coat.
  6. Circle releases freezing cold winds which lazily float across the room. Anything they touch is instantly frozen, and if touched again or fallen they explode into ice shards which deal 1d6 damage to anyone nearby. You can save to try and move past the clouds OR stand still away from them, but then you can't dodge the ice shards.

If the slabs of stone and marble are removed from the temple their magic remains active. Because they seem to draw power from the elemental planes themselves and are an essentially limitless magic item; they could be sold to a wizard or nobleman for a very high price. Essentially 30k gp at least per slab. Both slabs are very heavy and will activate multiple times if you try to carry them without very special precautions.

Also; in one corner of this room there is a crudely drawn arrow that points to the Bath Chambers.

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