Thursday, February 2, 2023

[ToM] Flower Hallway

An inviting long hallway, once filled to the brim with flowers from far away lands. Huge carvings along both walls stretch in the manner of avian wings; a pedestal in each feather in which the flowers would fill. The hall is carpeted in the same material that hangs in the grand entrance; being filthy and ancient and yet still uncut or worn from time.

This hallway was once used to welcome the most honored guests of all; leading to the best accommodations. It is also suspiciously flat, which is unusual for the temple's interior; floors were never a priority in its construction. There are thin stone rafters above which once held Mozz' children to sprinkle flowers or sacred oils on the heads of those who came. If a skilled climber and a grapple hook went up there; you could easily ambush someone pursuing you as this hallway has only one entrance and exit, though it is quite wide and spacious.

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