Tuesday, February 7, 2023

[ToM] The Gallery

An ancient treasure room; shown to all guests of the Mozz. Only a short walk away from the living and sleeping chambers on this floor, it has no doors or locks. The room is designed with as much privacy, blind corners, and poor sightlines as possible- and has no place for guards to sit or stand. This was done on purpose- as any guests of the Mozz were given absolute trust and leeway to inspect some of the most valuable treasures of the Mozz at any time; if they were invited to stay in the Great Temple itself; then the even think they would be steal from their hosts would be an insult.

All of the treasures there are now gone.

If you hide in this room while being pursued or after escaping an opponent; you can get the jump on them and surprise them on a 5 in 6 chance.

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