Sunday, April 5, 2020

[Class] Elephant

HD- d12
Maximum AC- 14 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 12

Not an elephant man, or a special magical creature; you're an Elephant. You're an animal. You are incredibly empathetic, live a long time, can express yourself through art and can suffer from PTSD- You're a person. Objectively, even if you can't talk.

You don't get a lot of special skills; except for the fact you're a huge ass elephant. Several people can ride on you comfortably, you can crush things underfoot and be a living siege weapon. You can also be armored, but you're so large you're easy to hit either way. At least your skin is thick; consider your base AC to be 10. You're quite big, and as such are not subject to the penalties for being overwhelmed from Huge adversaries. Sometimes people hunt you for your experience points.

Generate your stats as normal, except Intelligence. Elephants use their stats a little differently-

Your Strength score is considered “giant”, which means you only use it to determine your strength relative to other giant beings. To anything not giant, like a normal human or monster, just consider your strength as 30 and you have a +5 modifier if it matters. When contesting your strength with other huge or supernatural beings, your strength modifier of your “giant” strength is what is used. So an ogre or half-giant might have something like 8-10 Giant Strength, Giants may have 12-14, Titans may have 16+, and so on. Use your normal modifier tables for this. Increase your “Giant Strength” score every odd level, starting at 3rd level.

You Constitution score is considered “giant”. Any poison or venom that isn't lethal to humans has no effect on you. If it's lethal to humans, it deals 1d6 damage to you over an exploration turn. You resist other drugs in a similar way. Your body is so big that dosing you with anything requires a lot of drug and a high potency. Increase your min/max AC by +1 at 5th and 10th level.

Your normal Dexterity score is used, but it only applies to your trunk. If it's at least +1 you can use a weapon in your trunk, clumsily. If it's a +2 you can swordfight with your trunk, and can even learn blade arts. For anything else involving agility, use a default Dexterity of just 2 with a -3 modifier.

You generate your Intelligence as 2d4. You gain +1 Intelligence every even level, up to a cap of 9.

At 10th level, you become a Matriarch or Patriarch. Normally elephant herds are lead by the oldest female, but since this is a fantasy world males can do it too. You gain the trust and can lead a herd of up to 2d10 elephants, who rely on you to find water during the dry months.

Additionally, you gain one supernatural Elephant power, which is agreed upon by you and your DM. Your elephant power can be flapping your ears to fly, a trumpet call with your trunk so powerful it shakes down walls, magic ivory, etc. Every year, 2d8 poachers will try to bring you in.


  1. I like the idea that for a class of sufficient size difference, an attribute defaults to a certain value against creatures way outside its size and only uses it's rolled value against creatures of a similar size. You could also use this for really small creatures, or even something slightly different like for mech / ship / building stats.