Thursday, April 16, 2020

[Class] Peep

HD- d8
Maximum AC- 12 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 4

You're a fluffy, sugary bird person thing. Your entire body is made of the same puffy, marshmallowy substance that gives you life. Because of this, special attacks that deal bonus damage for targeting organs or one hit kills from pierced hearts don't work against you, these just deal normal damage. You are also immune to some spells, such as a Blood Boil, for the same reason. Because you're made of marshmallow, you're vulnerable to being eaten. Whenever you are hit with a successful bit attack, you take double damage- your body dissolves away and causes a sort of mortal terror within you.

As a Peep, you can sculpt yourself. You only require the heat of a candle to do this, but it is done with heat and your own hands. You can sculpt your sugary body to better tackle the challenges you face. Sculpt muscles into your arms, taken from your thickness of frame to increase strength but decrease constitution. Shape your head into something more substantial while reducing the pointyness of your beak, increaseing intelligence but decreasing charisma and so on. You can transfer up to 4 + (levelx2) of your stat points from one attribute to another with a turn and a heat source to sculpt.

At 4th level, you start to go a bit stale. Increase your AC to 14 and decrease the bite damage you take down to just taking 1 additional damage from all bite attacks instead.

At 7th level, you can now sculpt objects out of your form which can exist away from you. Sculpt your flesh into a weapon or tool. They function just fine and are “alive” so long as they are joined back into your collective by the the stroke of midnight, else they will harden and you lose the stat points you used for them permanently.

At 10th level, you become a Peep Lord. You learn the secrets of reproduction, and can now create permanent 1 HD Peeplings by using up your body mass. You can also use points off your maximum hit points instead of attribute points for your creations or stat sculpting. Finally, you are joined by 2d8 Sugar Cultists who will follow your commands and aid your research into sugarkind, in exchange for a taste. You may attract any number of cultists and can ensure their loyalty, but in return you must give them 1 hit point or 1 attribute point worth of your flesh which is permanently lost upon consumption.

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