Thursday, April 23, 2020

[Class] Wheelchair Templar

The Suffering Saint is one of the most important figures of the faith. Those who matyr and die for the church are rejoiced in their death, suffering itself puts on closer to God. But with organized religion, comes tradition and practice. It has a canon and a scripture all its own, including lines drawn from bloodied fingers and limbs.

The Suffering Saint had many wounds, and it has many practices. The ritual of inner cleansing strips ones intestines bare and clean with acid, and causes the digestive tract to prolapse. In many practices, those who have their hands broken with vices and hammers are considered to be the greatest of healers, however lacking in mobility their nub fingers may be. But by far the most zealous of all, and the one that leaves its user most alive and most capable, is that of making lame.

Wheelchair Templar
HD- d8
Maximum AC- 13 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 3

You can't walk. Your legs are totally crippled- your knees, tibia, and fibula are broke to shit. Your femur is mostly alright, mostly because anything that can break that bone would kill you, but there's no chance in hell you can walk. Treat your Dexterity score as the ability of your hands, only. Your stealth score is -3 and you automatically fail any saves involving dodging things out of the way. Treat your base AC as 7 since you're sitting down. You'd need a full set of armor just to stand a chance; this is a hard mode class, so you'd better get used to it.

Because you're in a wheelchair, you need help getting around. You can push yourself on mostly flat, level ground. But you count as double encumbered at all times. Or take whatever penalties you get from being medium encumbered, or light encumbrance x2, or whatever system you use. That's your default speed and penalty to wandering monster checks.

At 3rd and 9th level, you get +1 to hit and damage on a hit with all weapons.

At 4th, 6th, and 8th level, you get +1 to all saving throws against death.

You can turn undead. If everyone could already turn undead, just turn undead as though you were a level higher. You advance in holy magic as a Cleric of one higher level then you are.

Even if you aren't a high ranking member in the church, the faith must respect you for your dedication and living matyrdom. You can be boarded in any church, with a small stipend from the bishop to support you and your allies. You also sway the laypeople as well; villagers and townsfolk who follow the faith are always going to respect you at the very least, and give you directions, food, or hiding you from other authorities.

At 10th level, you become a Suffering Saint. Every time you are struck by a hit, your retainers and hirelings get +1 morale for the rest of the combat encounter, or for one exploration turn. This also works against supernatural fear or dangers to sanity; your suffering acts as a beacon of hope for all of the faith and acts as ward against darkness.

Additionally, you gain a procession of 10 martyrs, lepers, and holy cripples who will follow you on your journey. They know basic first aid and will help push your wheelchair, and can do some very basic labor for you.

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