Monday, April 20, 2020

[Class] Thanturion

You are a Legionnaire with a very special skill. You are among the rank of the Immunes, a soldier with specialist skills, making you exempt from guard duty and some of the most grunt work in the legion, but still expected to fight. Your special talent, especially, is not particularly desirable.

There are some people close to death. Like those with a special connection to their Lares, or family's house spirit, except yours is for the dead. Your voice and face calms them, and you can lead them. The Thanturions are a special group of individuals in the Roman Legion, meant to lead the spirits of the dead away from the camp or fortress, so they do not seek revenge or haunt the men. You bang raise a black standard and bang on a tin drum which makes a horrible noise, and lead these spirits of Rome's fallen foes away from the Empire's expanding border. Sometimes, you're called to do this in battle, among enemy fire or appearing as though you are deserting simply to divert the forces of the dead and undead away from your men. Maybe you deserted for good, got separated in a strange land, or maybe you are a veteran and discharged after a long degree of military service. You still have your talent, and the dead still follow you.

HD- d8
Maximum AC- 16 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 5

The Thanturion is a legionnaire with a very specific duty. You can sense the spirits of the dead nearby better then most, and are likewise more visible to them. You're a mix of a soldier and a cleric. You are well trained in the use of all standard legion weapons, carry heavy armor, and can march all day. Set your Constitution to 12 if it is lower.

At 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 10th level, add +1 to hit with all weapons.

At 4th and 7th level, add +1 to damage with all attacks.

You cannot turn undead, even with magic items. Even in a game where everyone can turn undead, you can't do it. Instead, you only bring attention to the dead on yourself by moving, speaking, and especially by playing instruments or waving a black standard. By getting the attention of the dead, they follow you. Undead will not attack you unless you are leading them to a place they cannot follow (such as a church) or unless if you mock or spite them. Even though you may be a member of the army that conquered their people, they don't see you as a foe by default.

You can successful enrapture spiritual undead, such as noncorporeal beings like ghosts, revenants, or anything that has risen from its grave on its own power, equal to your level in HD. If your level is twice that of the undead's HD, they will be put to rest if led to a peaceful or spiritual place.

You can successful enrapture physical undead, such as ghouls, Frakenstien-esque medical monsters, or flesh golems as equal to half your level in HD, rounding down. If your level is thrice that of the undead you are leading, they will be disabled for 1d6 exploration turns if lead to a peaceful or spiritual place.

At 10th level, you become a Morturion. By wearing a special silver mask, you can hide your presence from the undead, becoming invisible to them. By waving a black standard, you can also rally any undead following you to attack your foes as though they were a spiritual legion. Their morale for the attack is equal to a 10 + your Charisma modifier.

Additionally, if you are still with the legion, you become the leader of the Thanturion Immunes and receive double pay.


  1. I love this class Manse! your classes all month have been a joy to read, and this one really sounds like fun to use in a game.