Wednesday, April 8, 2020

[Class] Haruspex

Pathologic's Haruspex- Art @Polymental69
HD- d6
Maximum AC- 13 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 3

You are a Haruspex. Cutter of flesh, diviner of the future, seer of life and death. In some cultures your role is that of a high priest, a lofty title, where as in others you are a runaway sorcerer outcast. Regardless of the reason, your power is macabre and morbid; requiring the bodies of the dead and your skill with knife and scalpel to ply your trade.

You are skilled with the knife. You get +1 to hit with daggers and cutting instruments, which increases to +2 at 4th level.

You can tell how things died. By examining a corpse you know exactly what killed them. Anyone can do this in generalities; a corpse with a slashed open throat or black veins from poison are obvious causes of death, but you can tell more information. You can tell exactly with what blade made the cut, and could match it if it was in your hand. You can tell what poison, or what kind of venom, was used to kill a poison victim- such as from a snake or spider. At 3rd level, this grows further letting you get a clue into the killer as well. You can tell if they were short, fat, tall, violent or methodical, and so on.

The truest talent of the Haruspex is the divination of the future. You may examine the organs, especially the liver, of animals or monstrous creatures to determine future events. Everything you examine must relate to the question posed. Bird entrails tell of the future weather and storms. Rust-Monster livers show the success of future crafting projects or metallurgical pursuits. The event or forecast posed is always explained in subtle ways and vague hints, which get both more accurate and closer in date to the time of the divination based on the Haruspex level. Apprentice flesh cutters will only get hints of a huge catastrophe many years in the future without any knowledge of how to stop it, where as Masters may see the Orc ambush that will happen tomorrow and so on.

Finally, the Haruspex is skilled at healing. While most of your art is about the cutting and divining of dead flesh, some of that knowledge of anatomy and mortification carries over to the living. You may use an additional healing item per exploration turn of first aid as per a Sage. You gain this bonus die at 5th and 10th level.

At 10th level, you become a Anthropomancer. You gain the ability to divine the future of not just animal and creature organs, but of human or “people” organs as well. This is a very serious honor in every culture- often requiring the sacrifice of the young or specially touched individuals to get the most accurate predictions. You can tell the rise and falls of nations in the spots on a pancreas, or learn the secret paths through the mountains from the scarified liver of a dwarf.

Additionally, you gain the power to sap power from the hearts of special or powerful individuals. By eating the heart of an Emperor or a Divine-Child Prodigy you can gain +2 maximum hit points. If you eat three hearts, you get +1 to damage with all attacks or +1 to all healing rolls you make from absorbing the power inside the heart. This is a dark power and using it even once makes you detect as evil. You can do this as much as you want until your DM gets sick of it and tells you to retire the character already.

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