Sunday, April 12, 2020

[Class] Lagoon-Man

HD- d12
Maximum AC- Varies / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 10

You are a lagoon man, a creature from the Devonian age. An ancient being with a roughly humanoid shape, fat webbed hands and feet. You are quite fast and agile in the water, but lumbering and slow on land. Consider yourself faster then a man in the water, but slower then one on land. You have tough scales but cannot wear armor- start your AC at 14. You can breathe air as well as water, and suffer no harm from rapid changes in oceanic pressures. Among your favorite hunting tactics is to drag your prey until they drown. You have a pair of claws that deal 1d4+1 damage.

As a Lagoon-Man, you are quite strong and tough. Every odd level past first level, gain +1 to your Strength score, adjusting your modifier if and when it ticks over.

Lagoon-Men are intelligent enough to understand grudges and have a minor understanding of technology and tools, even if they do not use them. As in they are aware of the tools of other beings and destroy them in order to protect themselves, or to make their kills easier. Once you reach at least level 5, you are capable of holding and clumsily using tools. Once you reach at least level 9, you may wear basic cloth as a covering and can speak 1d6 words, which are selected at random. Words include things like “fish” or “go” or “far” of which you barely can understand. You can only speak in these words and with grunts and pantomime. This ability is only unlocked if you spend significant time around and interacting with humans and other mortal races to learn their ways.

Your tough scales and fishy skin grant you protection. Your AC begins at 14, and grows by +1 at 2nd, 4th, 6th, and 8th level.

At 10th level, you become a Lagoon-Alpha and can now attract mates. You must become the dominant predator in a swampy brackish or saltwater lagoon-lake, killing and keeping out all other major predators and monsters, and you must build or find a lair of caves or underwater chambers nearby to host your brood. This can be done before 10th level, but must be present to attract your fellow Lagoon-Creatures. From then on, you will attract 1d4 suitors of the opposite gender to live at and defend your lagoon, and every year can lay a clutch of 1d6+1 eggs that will grow into new Lagoon-Men.

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