Monday, April 6, 2020

[Class] Forkman

Dumb rule ideas- Bidents, Tridents, and multi-pointed spears use the same stats as spears. They gain +1 to hit per additional point on the end past the first, but -1 to damage per point. The trident would have a +2 to hit, due to having more points, but -2 to damage, due to being harder to penetrate through surface area. The damage still has a minimum of 1 point, which is the Forkman's specialty- killing swarms. Swarm style monsters may be made up of many creatures each with 1 hit point- indeed their HD determines the number of creatures instead of the health of the creature. Each weapon attack can only harm one of them at a time- stab or slashing one at a time, making melee combat ineffective. The exception are multi-headed spears and flails, which can hit multiple enemies at once. Magic weapons may or may not be subject to this rule, depending on what they do.

HD- d8
Max AC- 14 / Minimum Hit-Points- 4

You're a specialist with forks. Specifically, bidents, tridents, pitchforks, tuning forks, lighting-forks and other fork-like weapons and pieces of equipment. You can wear medium armor and are a bit like a skirmisher- a lightly armed and armored fighter. Many Forkmen were gladiators or fishermen.

While fighting with a multi-headed spear using the above silly rule; you can ignore the damage penalty of any multi-headed spear of your level in number of points or less. So at second level you can use bidents with +1 to hit but no damage penalty. At third level you can use tridents at +2 to hit with no damage penalty, and so on. This is an all or nothing bonus, so eventually you can use a 9 pointed dragon spear at +8 to hit, and no damage penalty, but a 10 pointed death pike would be too much for you to handle and have a -9 damage penalty from baring scratching the surface of their skin.

You get +1 damage with all attacks at 4th, 7th, and 10th level.

You're also skilled with tuning forks. If you strike a tuning fork and are at least 3rd level, you can turn undead as though you were a Cleric of one level beneath your own. However, if any undead creature resists your turning effect, the tuning fork cracks and breaks from the reverberations.

At 10th level, you become a Fork Master. You can now make multiple attacks to different enemies who are nearby each other, one per head on the end of your fork maximum, but you lose all the fork to-hit bonus for this. You can also learn the secret blade art known as Splitting River Carves Mountain (Difficulty 4) which lets you “fire off” one of your forks on the end of your weapon like a projectile. This fork is permanently separated but essentially flies as an arrow, adding your damage bonus. Only your class can learn this move but it must be learned from another Fork Master.

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