Friday, April 10, 2020

[Class] Jabiru Shaman

Jabiru Shaman
HD- d8
Max AC- 12 / Minimum Hit-Points- 2

The Jabiru is a mighty bird, and you are its speaker. The Jabiru shaman can wear outfits made of feathers, colored cloth and wood, and a beak mask or head. As long as the Jabiru wears and outfit or tribal garb that gives them a black colored head region, a red neck or upper chest (such as a red scarf), and a white outfit for the rest of the body they are considered fully colored in the Jabiru outfit. Treat their AC as their maximum of 12 regardless of what actual protective gear is on them.

This shaman is an expert at the cultivation of grasses and the marshes where the Jabiru's live on their long migratory voyages. You can identify any grass or plant in a marsh on a 1 in 6 chance, which increases in +1 in 6 chance every even level, up to a max of 6 in 6. These native grasses can be used to create the potions and cures that witchdoctors are known for, as well as for fuming gas and powders that can be used to cast Turn Undead at whatever is in the smoke cloud. You can create up to one powder per day for free if you are within walking distance of a marsh starting at 3rd level and up.

You gain +1 to saving throws at 2nd, 6th, and 8th level.

You have the power of the winds. At 1st level, you can breathe out or flap a wing/feather to create a gust of wind that blows away toxic gas, once per day. This power grows in strength and complexity until you can create a gust strong enough to knock away a few arrows, but this power remains locked at one use per day. It has a maximum duration of one turn.

Starting at 3rd level, you can now channel magic through a feather of the fabled bird. You can whisper to the feather to send a message to a single recipient that is less then 10 words in length, and they must be able to be touched by the wind. You can instead throw the feather as a dart, which deals 1d4+1 damage. You can use this magic power a number of times per adventure equal to your level.

At 10th level, you become a Jabiru Master. This gives you the power to turn into the Jabiru. You can fly as a bird, but cannot speak or use tools, though you can still use your magic powers. You can transform freely between your two forms, as long as there is water nearby to wash yourself with.

While not held to it officially, you are expected to join the great migrations of these birds to help guide them to their homes each summer and winter. Most groups of Jabiru have at least one shaman among them, secretly, protecting the flock from dangers.

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