Tuesday, April 7, 2020

[Class] Good Rat

In folklore and mythology, rats are the carriers of plague and disease. They tend to be thievish and unclean; see the Skaven and other rat-like races for examples. Of course in real life this isn't the case, rats are extremely cleanly and empathetic animals- up to and including sacrificing a food reward to save another rat they can see is in distress, acting even faster if they were in that stressful situation themselves earlier. Rats are great.

Of course, fantasy isn't reality. There is nothing wrong with your rats being giant, or dire, or disease ridden beasts. They may be the servants of dark spirits, or the familiars of witches. But these aren't this rat. If you're playing this class, you're one of the good ones.

Snow Mouse @Kin Chan
Good Rat
HD- d4
Maximum AC- 20 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 4

You're a handsome, tall, heroic rat. Of course, to normal people and animals you're still tiny and oh-so cute. Not much cut out for the monster slaying business, but you have bravery in spades. You can wield any weapons or armor made for your size. Your base AC is 16 from being small and fast, with enemies having disadvantage on ranged attacks. You can also wear armor to reach a higher AC.

You're a rat. Generate your stats as normal except your Dexterity. You have a Strength & Constitution score, but you're still a rat. You're tiny and getting stepped on could kill you. You will never beat anyone at wrestling or survive an even microscopic dose of poison. Generate your Dexterity as 2d8+6, you can climb extremely well as long as you are only lightly encumbered or less; letting you shimmy up walls and pipes.

You are small, and as such fighting anything human sized to goblin sized counts as you fighting something Huge. This means you are Overwhelmed- all of your attacks only deal 1 damage, and all of its attacks deal 1d12 damage regardless of the weapon. At 2nd level you increase your damage against huge foes to 1d2, at 4th level it goes to 1d3, and at 6th it goes to 1d4. You only deal this damage when striking a vulnerable body part like an eye or throat.

When fighting other “tiny” creatures, adjust combat and damage values. Your 1 damage becomes 1d6 “Tiny” damage. Their 1 hit point for human sized foes because 1 HD of “Tiny” hit points, and so on.

Finally, you are also “Good”. This is important- to the nobles, elves, fairy queens, ocean men, human kings, and even the angels and gods you are considered an important and respectable guest, regardless of your deeds or social standing as of yet. To any lawful being or person of authority, you succeed your reaction checks of at least an above average result. You're kind of like a type of noble, tied to a specific species of the miniature kingdom. Every even level, increase your Charisma score by +1

At 10th level, you become a Rat Hero. You attract the attention of tiny people- lilliputians, fairies, other rats and so on. They will follow you as the ruler of a hidden kingdom in the walls; you become a lord over a space like this, gaining loyal followers. You also gain a loyal riding beast; a large chicken or terrier dog as your powerful mount in this tiny realm.

Additionally, you can now fight things much bigger then you but still smaller then a human on almost even footing. This includes things like hobbits, goblins, gremlins, imps, tiny toy robots, etc. You use normal damage against them and they do normal damage against you- you are no longer overwhelmed. You can do this through sheer determination and combat experience- throwing their own weight against themselves and using your size to your advantage.

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