Saturday, April 11, 2020

[Class] Kobold Sparkle-Boy

It is an unfortunate, commonly attributed dynamic in relation to a dragon and their kobold worshipers. Often, there is a sensual or downright sexual connotation implied between these two radically different races. It seems ridiculous, due to both the massive difference in size, biology, and attitudes of these races. But it is there- which is partially due to the Sparkle-Boys.

Of course, learned scholars understand the truth of the matter. Think about it; if you are a dragon, and you are imparting magical knowledge and power on one of your short lived slaves, whose grandchildren will be having babies by the time you wake up from your next nap, which kobold are you going to choose? For a dragon, they're going to choose the biggest one. Which will usually be a male kobold. Then, that male kobold will be serving the dragon as a scribe, learning arcane knoweldge, and be spared from the drudgery and trap-building that would grow muscles on their otherwise slim frame. They instead spend all day lounging around at the dragon's feet, draped in fine silks, whispering secrets in their dragon master's ear. There's no wonder people think something funny is going on.

Kobold Sparkle-Boy
HD- d3
Max AC- 12 / Minimum Hit-Points- 3

You are a Kobold Sparkle-Boy. You can also be a Sparkle-Girl, but your name is still Sparkle-Boy. Dragons tend not to care too much what sex you actually are. All Kobolds require a once daily resource called Warm, equivalent to a ration but of heat for your cold blood. Cuddling up to a warm creature, sitting by a fire, or getting a dragon's hot breath down your spine all count as filling you with warm for the day. If you don't have Warm for a day, it starts to fill your inventory slots/encumbrance until it kills you. Getting hit by a cold spell can take away your Warm for that day.

The Kobold Sparkle-Boy is magically gifted, as well as academically trained. If your game uses spell slots, use the spell-slots of the Kobold Proud-Crier.

The Kobold Sparkle-Boy's primary magical powers revolve around the shimmering piles of riches and wealth that hoards accumulate. While in your dragon's hoard, you can freely use it as a conduit for magic, though you are as incapable of taking any for yourself as any interloper would be. Outside of the dragon's den, however, you'll need your own pile of gold, worn jewelry, golden chalices to wave around to channel your magic, and so on.

You can emit a glamor of sparkles once per day per 2000c worth of treasure you are touching. You can essentially cast it once per pile of treasure, rare piece of jewlery you rare, or pile of silks you throw around yourself.
This glamour makes you harder to hit with ranged weapons (-2 to hit) and grants +2 to saving throws vs magic from enemy magicians. Additionally, the sparkles empower your own spells. If you are sparkling, you cast cast spells that effect yourself at one level earlier then you normally could. Invisibility could be cast at 2nd level, instead of 3rd from using a 2nd level spell slot, for example.

Once your dragon master fell asleep, it was pretty much safe for you to leave their side and explore the world, but woe be unto you if they find you missing when they wake up and need an errand done. There is a 1 in 20 chance that any activity of surface dwellers around or within your dragon's lair that will wake it up. While dragons are unlikely to care TOO much that their kobold charge has left, they may be offended you quit your job of counting their hoard while they were asleep, and may seek you out to destroy you.

At 10th level, you become a Sparkling One. You always sparkle and glow a bit, as long as you are carrying at least a few hundred coins worth of luxury items and jewels. You can also channel your shine to blind all mortal eyes who gaze upon you for a maximum of 3 combat rounds per day.

Finally, you gain the rare honor of dragon envoy. You may be officially released by your dragon master and allowed to roam the world as an envoy between it and the other powerful dragons in their hoards. While an honor, there is little guarantee that you won't be eaten as any bearer of bad news to a dragon, so most Sparkling Ones drag their feet to their various appointments. That's alright- dragons are very patient creatures after all.


  1. The art is strangely adorable, and vaguely reminiscent of My Little Pony.

  2. I thought this was going to be a kobold in a mech suit ala Rifts.