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[Class] Nespo Nespo

The Nespo are a race of being with dark blue to purple fur, deer-like faces and hooves, as well as some avian traits like downy feathers and grasping talons for hands. These beings live in the high mountains, wandering just between the lower mountains and the timberline; the dividing area where it gets too high for trees to grow. You can sometimes see groups of them moving, silhouetted against the night sky, fading in with the shadows of the last straggling trees.

The Nespo are wise beings, traveling in all-male bands to learn new languages and secrets of lore wherever they go. Many also believe the Nespo are an all male race because of this, which is false. The Nespo race includes females, called Nespa or Nespa Nespa for a singular female, but they simply do not live with the males on this world for most times of the year. The females and the young travel to the highest mountains during nightfall to enter the Realm of Falling Twilight. They reach this realm by walking on the clouds if they are thick enough, or using magic and their pet birds and white minks to string twine around the clouds to keep them from floating away as they ascent.

The Realm of Falling Twilight is a world onto itself. There is almost no living things here, very few predators or native animals, and the entire realm is quiet. The ground is made of deep purple and black clouds and dust, the light here comes only from stars which can be reached and poked with a long pole. It is incredibly peaceful, the entire realm is as dark as the dusk and is cold. It always feels as though it is about to get colder at all times, just as the night before the chill, but it stays a livable temperature for this alpine race. The females live here and teach the young ones secrets and crafts; they drink from the energies of this place to survive, along with what little physical foods they need packed and stored from their Nespo counterparts. It is a very peaceful place that is perfect for rearing and protecting their young from the more chaotic mortal world.

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Nespo Nespo
HD- d8
Max AC- 12 / Minimum Hit-Points- 3

The Nespo are a wise and hardy race. Your alpine fur and features give you protection from the cold environments, though the female Nespa Nespa has even further protection. You are also enriched by the thin mountain air; you can hold your breath for up to one exploration turn and can jog essentially forever from your inbuilt endurance.

Generate your Wisdom and Constitution with 2d8+6
Generate your Intelligence. If your Intelligence is <8, increase it to 8.

The Nespo Nespo has knowledge of magic and the healing arts. You cast spells as though you were one level greater, and you advance in healing abilities as though you were a Sage of equal level. You do not gain any benefit to turning the undead, as your religious beliefs are more family and nature oriented and do not invoke the power of the Gods to aide you.

Nespo and Nespa society is extremely conservative. You were in an arranged marriage as a boy, before you were ever let out into the normal world, and you have a deep obligation to donate at least 60% of your income to your spouse in the Falling Twilight. You still gain experience for wealth recovered, but must donate most of it in the form of cooking oils, metal objects, seeds, fabrics, and other things that cannot be readily found or made in that place. You only see your spouse or children once per year at the very most. Using magic to either transport yourself there more often or speak with your spouse using talking boxes or other such magical tricks is considered a taboo; all unnecessary contact between men and women is something to be shunned.

At 10th level, you become a Nespo Skywatcher and find yourself put into a position of authority. You will be joined by 2d10+4 Nespo Nespo wandering sages and scribes. They can perform large scale tasks befitting their kind; such as healing a group of injuried warriors, providing research assistants for alchemy involving natural herbs and flowers, as well as a group of magicians who will participate in rain dances and so on, though their combat effectiveness is basically zero. Beyond commanding a group of Nespo sages, you may also gain the approval of enough female Nespa to try and create an expedition in a new sky realm- The Realm of Rising Dawn or the Realm of Crimson Warnings and so on. These skylit realms offer new opportunities to raise young, but these young will have fur colors that match their new homes, which could lead to subraces of the Nespo including golden furred dawnlings or silver furred moonlings and so on.

Additionally; you gain resistance to cold of all kinds, taking ½ damage from all cold spells and attacks from your now silver-edged fur. You also gain the power of innate Cloudwalking, letting you step on any fog, smoke, or steam thick enough to be opaque. Depending on the speed and stability of this vapor, you could use it as a small platform for a single jump or stand on it as a ramp, organizing bookshelves over a bubbling steamy cauldron, and so on. This also lets you easily access the realms above the Earth through going to the top of mountains and walking onto the sky.

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