Friday, April 17, 2020

[Class] Quake-Machinist

HD- d4
Maximum AC- 12 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 2

You are a scholar and experimenter. Due to an unknown but simple property of machines, it is possible to create a machine with relatively few parts and low level of technology that has devastating powers of vibration; causing earthquakes and shuddering buildings to pieces. You aren't Nikolai Tesla; you decided to actually keep this machine and use it for your own ends.

You can use the Quake Machine. It is a special piece of equipment only you can use; requiring daily maintenance. If yours is destroyed, change your character to a Tinkerer/Rogue of one level beneath your current level. If you must have a hard limit on the number of uses the machine has, consider your level x 2 as the absolute max uses per day.

At 3rd, 6th, and 9th level you advance as a Thief when tinkering with machines and lockpicks.

At 1st level, the Quake Machine can be charged to shatter class or pottery, or anything similarly brittle. You can also strike someone with the prod of the machine to deal 1d4 damage. Against golems, this deals 2d6 damage instead.

At 2nd level, you gain the ability to vibrate uncontrollably, which creates either a huge amount of noise or sinks you to the bottom of a pile of sand or grain very fast.

At 4th level, increase your prod damage to 1d6 and gain the power to shatter wooden objects like doors, which can create deadly shrapnel to whoever is inside. Your vibration ability also now reduces enemy chance to hit by -2; essentially bouncing projectiles and blades away from your skin.

At 5th level, you can create a single earth-quake shockwave by pounding the device into the ground. Everyone not within a 5ft radius of you must make a save or be knocked prone. Also knocks objects off shelves, throws down bookcases, widens cracks in the floor, etc.

At 7th level, you can tune your quake machine to counteract sounds. This can cancel out a single noise in the area, acting essentially as a Silence spell to who or whatever it is tuned. This requires a full combat round to turn the dials and knobs, and if an enemy spellcaster began chanting a spell you must beat an initiative tie to block out their voice. Additionally, your shattering move works against old bones, disintegrating skeletal undead, certain types of rocks, and bricks, letting you knock holes in walls with a well placed vibrating strike of your prod. You now deal 3d6 damage against golems.

At 8th level, you can create a full fledged, limited time Earthquake. Everything beyond 5ft of you in the local area experiences shaking and uncontrollable vibrations. Bridges can collapse and buildings cast off dangerous debris. It should also be noted here that you are only safe from this because you hold the machine; if you are knocked away from it you will be knocked to the ground same as everyone else, but get +2 to saves against your own quakes. You now deal 4d6 damage against golems.

At 10th level, you have become a Quake Maker. You can now set up Earthquakes to be “buried” in the ground, and go off and up to 2 Seasons in the future, lying in wait. You can also your skills to research to resonance frequency of any material; such as human flesh. This allows you to deal damage to it equivalent to your damage to golems/artificial constructs, and you must study a sample of the material for 1d6 Seasons to find the right frequency. Note that this only works on something specific; so human flesh would count for all humans, but not Elves or Dwarves, despite similarities.

Additionally, you are joined by three amateur (1st level) Quake Machinists who wish to find the right way to tune their forks and devices to their full destructive power. They have discovered the secrets to creating their own quake machines, but each one works a little differently, so you cannot simply steal or retrofit their machines yourself.

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