Friday, April 24, 2020

[Class] Xyloid

HD- d6
Maximum AC- 16 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 3

You're mostly made of wood. You aren't a human, but a wood person. Your arms and legs are like branches; coiling into arms and legs with fingers and toes. Because you're made of wood, you are weak to fire and take double damage from fire. If you take 6 damage or more from a fire spell/attack OR from any axe attack, you can lose a limb.

Once a limb is removed, it will grow back in segments every season. From shoulder to elbow, elbow to wrist, wrist to stubbed fingers, stubs to full dexterity. Each 'segement' grows back at one per season, except in winter when your growth is halted and the sun is dim. Your not very good at sneaking around (your joints creak too much), but you are very good at standing still. Within a forested area, you automatically hide if you stand still and carry nothing. Nobody will be able to see you unless right next to you or closely inspecting each and every tree.

If your head is severed from your shoulders, you can still control both separately. You won't die as long as somebody binds them back together within two exploration turns. Treat your Base AC as 14. Your wood is a bit tougher then normal skin and flesh.

At 2nd, 6th, and 10th level, you gain +1 to hit with all weapons and magical implements, as long as they are made of wood. Magic rods, quarterstaves, clubs, bows, and so on.

You can feel the trees. You can sense the health of a land by simply observing it; though this applies only to the plant life and flora, not to the animal or human life. You can tell the age of a tree by touch, and can sense the health and what is causing harm to a plant if you can also warp it. You can even ply this power on dead plants, which means you can read any kind of book in any language, based moreso on the intent of the author and the materials uses to make it moreso then the actual words, but the message is clear enough you could be thought of as literate.

You can warp plants. This allows you to make them bare fruit, bend branches to make bridges or perform small attacks, send down a shower of leaves for a blanket or firestarters, etc. You can only do this to trees that are younger than or equal to your level in centuries. Any trees older then that are too mystical for you to control. You can also use this power to kick out or bar entry to a dyrad from entering a sacred tree.

At 10th level, you become a Woodman and grow a mantle of leaves on your head and back. This crest makes you look majestic and grants +1 to reaction checks. Any Xyloid of this age will also receive respect from the treants, dryads, nypmhs, and elves of the wood- you can easily find and enter their hallows or hidden elf-towns as long as you have not offended them.

Additionally, this level means you are now obligated, spiritually and physically, to reproduce. To do so, you must bury a seed that carries a portion of your soul into a place that is healthy, safe, and spiritually important enough to grow a new sentient tree person. Each adventure you go without burying one of these seedlings gives you a -2 to all rolls, which compounding each time you put it off, as the guilt and obligation weighs on your mind and soul. You have 3d6+2 acorns.

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