Saturday, April 4, 2020

[Class] Dust Addict

Pixie dust is a well known magical commodity. Its primary use is for flight, and occasionally as an additive to creating magic items such as Glint. Everyone knows that a pinch of Pixie Dust over your head lets you fly if you think happy thoughts; but there are other methods to use it. Pixie Dust can be snorted, injected, or eaten which has different rates of absorption and slightly different uses. Pixie Dust grants flight, but also grants better memory and imagination while under its effects- making it easier to create and imagine happy thoughts. Daydreams can nearly feel real while under the effect of Pixie Dust. This, along with its effects to lighten weight and grant a feeling of floatiness, means that sometimes people become habitual abusers of the stuff.

Pixie Dust grants flight for up to 3 combat rounds for a sprinkle, and requires a constant stream of happy thoughts- the character cannot be suffering form depression or mind control that would interfere with the creation of happy thoughts. Pixie dust is found as a natural by-product left behind by fairies, who can be bottled and shaken to find more of it. Pixie Dust is also known to accumulate in houses in the realms of the fae- their tabledust is our pixie dust, but gathering it is as dangerous as you could imagine. Those realms are not kind to normal people.

Pixie Dust costs 150c for a cut, low quality dose and 400c for a high quality pure dose.

Dust Addict
HD- d6
Maximum AC- 14 / Minimum Starting Hit-Points- 2

You are an addict. You are addicted to Pixie-Dust and all of its forms. Pixie Dust you imbibe can be cut with other forms of dust; usually salt or bone powder, up to 50% of its volume. This reduces its effects by the same percentage. You must use up at least one unit of Pixie Dust every three days, or else you will start to gain withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal from Pixie Dust causes temporary obesity, slowness, depression (cured instantly with application of new dust), and bumbling rhyming speech similar to becoming a fairy-troll. You start with 2d6+2 sprinkles of Pixie-Dust.

As an addict, you are more aware of the effects of the dust on your body, and how to best use them. You can snort or inject the dust which grants double the rounds of combat use- but instead of true flight it grants a type of weightlessness that lets you run up and down walls, jump far distances as though nearly weightless, attack from impossible angles, do flying bicycle kicks, etc.

You are criminal. You can pick locks equal to a thief of one level lower then yourself. At 6th level, you gain the ability to sprinkle some of your precious dust on a lock to have it unhook and just fly away. You also gain +1 to stealth and sneak attacks at 4th and 8th level.

Your time in the air has granted you some nimbleness not normal for non-flying beings. You get +1 to hit and AC while in flight, which increases to +2 at 3rd level and +3 at 9th level.

At 10th level, you become a Pixie Pusher and are so effected by the drug your body starts to accommodate to it. You need a dose of dust every day now, but you can simulate the effects of pixie dust once per day; either a single round or flight or two rounds of near-weightlessness simply from how much of the stuff has infested your body. You also come into possession of three bottled fairies; bottled fairies can be shook to collect a dose of dust per day for sale or future use, or they can be let out to heal a mortal injuries and revive the nearly dead, OR they may grant wishes, but try to twist them against you if their imprisonment was especially cruel.

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