Wednesday, March 3, 2021

10 Ways to Stop the Worlds Most Evil Dog

Idea shamelessly expanded upon from here.

10 Ways to Stop the Worlds Most Evil Dog
[1] Just shoot it with an arrow you fucking dumbshit.
[2] It's only ever been a “bad dog”. It just needed to be called a good boy.
[3] Name level Monk must deploy the Quivering Bellyrub; purifies the dog's toxic chakra.
[4] Find the world's only Good Cat.
[5] Teach it archery. Sounds like a terrible idea, but it's a good outlet. The dog's really just bored.
[6] Find it's master. The dog ran away. It's owner is the kindest old lady you'll ever meet.
[7] Slip a magical Collar of Reverse Alignment around its neck.
[8] You must call the celestial dog-catcher down from heaven.
[9] Witch needs to brew a potion of eternal sleep and mix it with a treat. The dog can smell poison but it likes drugs, so after it eats it the dog will go curl up somewhere and sleep forever.
[10] Let it gnaw on the handle of the Sword of Truth. It feels bad about it- the first time it ever felt remorse. The handle of the sword will always be a bit slobbery though.

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