Monday, March 22, 2021

Amulet of Ventan

Amulet of Ventan
- Magic Amulet +2
Stats- +2 to Saves vs Magic

This magic amulet is infused with the powers of arcane magic, and has been worn by many magicians throughout the years, whose essence has infused it with magical powers.

Firstly, wearing this amulet grants the wearer the ability to read. This only grants the power to read the most commonly-used writing system of their own language, as well as granting the ability to read the shit-scrawl of magic users in their crazy people books. (Read Magic). If you could already read before, this amulet just grants a little insight between the lines and makes text "clearer", letting you better pick up on things you maybe missed due to a lack of vocabulary or intelligence.

Secondly, anyone wearing this amulet can learn magic. You can now multiclass into a Magic User the next time you level up. In games without multiclassing, this is pretty cool. Keep the highest HD from whatever class you have, but take on the next XP requirements/penalties for your new MU class. This does not let you bypass normal level caps or leveling requirements; you just can pick your next level up to be a MU instead of a Fighter or Rogue or whatever you are. In universe, this is caused by an unlocking of the more abstract, deeper levels of the mind that allows unraveling the layers of meaning that make up spell craft. You could use this on a 0 level hireling or retainer and teach them magic over the course of a few seasons (downtime turns) with some tutoring, or even from being self taught if they have the material.

Lastly, it grants protection against magical spells. The Amulet grants +2 saves vs magic as a passive effect. However, it has a bonus power. The wearer may hold the amulet aloft, invoke it, and in a flash of blue light any spell effect will be ended or countered- but the amulet will disappear. From then on, the owner of the amulet ceases to own it and will not find it again as the amulet disappears to find a new master to serve.

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