Thursday, March 18, 2021

Cup Full of Demons

Cup Full of Demons -
Magic Cup
Stats- It's a cup.

This is a magic cup full of demons. It smells faintly of brimstone. Any liquid put inside spoils; including water. If you leave the cup on a table and walk away or try to see inside the shadows of the cup, you will sometimes see little demons peaking out, but otherwise the cup appears empty.

Drinking directly from the cup when it appears empty and shaking it will cause you to "drink" down demons. The little bastards cry with glee when you do this, because it is precisely what they want. You gain 1d6x100 experience points each time you drink, but are possessed by the demon in question for an equal number of hours to your roll on the d6 above. Demons typically try to do things related to their sins, or will lie and cheat to decieve party members and pretend to still be you, to get others to drink from the cup. Also, each time you drink from the cup, your soul is stained and will be judged more harshly for the next life; as though imbibing the very essence of evil.

Secondly, the cup can be used as a magic focus in dark magic rituals, granting +1 to caster level if swished around and unleashing infernal power.

Finally; the cup is full of demons. If you turn it over and shake it, it will release tiny demons into the world, each with 1 hit point and dealing a maximum of 1 damage. These demons are not loyal to the cup's owner but are generally agreeable to those of evil alignment. You can keep shaking the cup as much as you want to create a hoard of these guys, but since they are eaten by rats and spiders it's unlikely you'll hasten the apocalypse very much by doing this.

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