Saturday, March 6, 2021

Splinter Group Generator

Roll on this generator to create a splinter group of a religious sect, warband, kingdom, evil cult, mage university, or any other organization or group you can think of. You'll have to do a little work, but this allows you to generate a splinter group off of something you've already made.

Reason for the Split?
- 1d6
[1] Leader of the original group was an asshole.
[2] Original group became soft/lost their way. (in the eyes of the splinter group, obviously.)
[3] Time and happenstance. Splinter group became isolated, over years became its own thing.
[4] Manipulated by a strong personality within the first group; broke apart to benefit the individual.
[5] Division of ideology- split due to irrevocable differences.
[6] Outside influence tried to split the group to benefit them. Add +1 to Outsider Politics roll.

Ideological Differences? - 1d4
[1] More extreme or legalistic.
[2] Identical to original group- the motivation or the means has been altered.
[3] Slight alterations to core tenets and/or major changes to secondary beliefs/tenents.
[4] Less extreme or legalistic.

Outsider Politics – 1d4
[1] More hostile/intolerant.
[2] More secretive or isolationist.
[3] Less secretive; more open or transparent.
[4] Less hostile; friendlier to outsiders.
[5] Secretly controlled by the original group OR an outsider force trying to undermine the original group.

Feelings towards the original group and/or action against Original Group? - 1d3
[1] Total hatred, up to and including outright war or espionage.
[2] They prefer to pretend they don't exist/irrelevant to our goals.
[3] Pity and disappointment. Willing to rejoin with the original group with conditions.

Splinter Group Motif- 1d4
[1] Corrupted/altered symbol of the original group. Inverted cross, red changed to blue, etc.
[2] Personal symbol of the leader or their family/clan/crest/corporate logo.
[3] Animal or plant that counters the original group's sign. If not applicable, make this symbol a plant/animal that represents their newfound plucky nature.
[4] Symbol that branches off another symbol- represents their origin of branching off a bigger group. If this group is more ideologically extreme then the original group, then they'll claim to be the bigger symbol- they're the actual original group after all.

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