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[Class] Maraketh Warrior

The Maraketh are a human culture which lives in the harsh deserts of Vastiri and other wastelands. They are a matriarchal society where women are in charge- the Sekhema or leader of the people is always a woman. These are warrior women, relying on speed and agility to defeat their foes. They are often seen riding on Rhexs- large dinosaurish creatures, while using bows and spears as their martial art. While the society is ruled by women, men can still be expected to fight, and if they do adopt the traditions of the womenfolk of their society; preferring agility instead of brute strength. As such, this class can be played by both men and women.

If you dislike the direct Path of Exile reference here; just rename this class to "Wasteland Warrior" or something.

Maraketh Warrior
Max AC- 15 / Minimum Hit-Points- 5

To play a Maraketh Warrior, your Strength must be equal to or less than your Dexterity. You must also have a Constitution modifier of +0 or better. You can either make these class requirements you need to get when rolling a character, or grant bonuses for picking this class that grant these stats instead.

The Maraketh are more lightly armored then a traditional Fighter, but are just as skilled. Progress your To-Hit as a Fighter. You gain the damage bonus of a Fighter starting at 3rd level.

In addition to being a trained Fighter, you also gain the ability to survive in the desert. You do not need to make survival checks or worry about carrying water rations in hot and wasteland climates.

At 5th level, your maximum AC raises by +1.

At 6th level, you gain the special Maraketh fighting style known as Blood and Sand. These are supernatural battle stances which enhance your abilities. While at first these simply appear as a special combat stance, they are magical in nature and small grains of sand or droplets of blood can be seen swirling around the user in the midst of a bloody battle.

While within Sand stance, the first enemy to attack you in melee range each round must save or be blinded. They then must make their attack roll at the negative of being blind (usually disadvantage), and they are blinded until the next round. The number of enemies you automatically blind before they attack increases by +1 at levels 8 and 10.

While withing Blood stance, you maim enemies with powerful blows. After you've damaged an enemy with a weapon; they s must save if they try to move. On failure, they take 1d3 damage. They can avoid this by standing still for a round to hold their body together. This debuff effects every enemy you strike in melee. The damage for this ability increases to d4 at level 8 and d6 at level 10.

At 10th level, you become a Sekhema Guard and gain the supernatural ability of Wasteland. By blowing a handful of desert sands into an enemy's face, they are stunned and dazed for one round, unable to act. Within that one round, they experience several days of isolation in a barren wasteland, and must roll the number penalties for starvation and surviving in an inhospitable wilderness.  After the round is over, they will return just as physically drained as though they had survived that time for real; characters with a low Constitution score may simply be killed by this special move.

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