Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Fairy Tale (d8) Generator

Once upon a time, there was...
[1] A very brave young boy
[2] A baby born with unnatural strength
[3] A very kind young girl
[4] A very wise old man
[5] A very beautiful woman
[6] A very noble king
[7] A very lonely spirit
[8] A very good dog

And they were happy, except...
[1] They had very mean parents/family members.
[2] They were eaten alive by a giant monster.
[3] They fell into a den of lions/bears/velociraptors.
[4] They were sick or got stuck somewhere on a very important day.
[5] They were cursed through no fault of their own.
[6] They saw people suffering and nobody seemed to care.
[7] They knew something important, but nobody would believe them.
[8] They were hurt and couldn't walk/talk/see.

So they had to...
[1] Seek help from somebody very far away.
[2] Pull themselves up and work very hard.
[3] Cry and pray for help.
[4] Use something precious/magical they wanted to use on something else.
[5] Do something they really didn't want to do.
[6] Make a friend out of someone they didn't like before.
[7] Be very patient and think very hard.
[8] Fall back on what they knew best.

And then...
[1] There was a fairy who took pity on them, and solved their problems with her magic.
[2] They found just the right thing to get them out of their situation.
[3] Word spread about what they did, and everyone liked them now.
[4] Fate rewarded their good deeds three times over.
[5] A mighty king was impressed and made them very rich/very important/sent them home.
[6] They became even more brave/strong/kind/wise/beautiful/noble/good then before.
[7] Through some coincidence, they scared all the bad/silly/misunderstanding people away.
[8] They found everything went right back to normal.

And finally...
[1-7] They lived happily ever after.
[8] They killed all the bad/silly/misunderstanding people in extremely violent and gory ways.

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