Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Ogre Generator

All Ogres begin with;
  • 4 HD
  • AC as chain (14)
  • Morale 15 (dumb and angry)
  • +2 to hit from size and ferocity
  • Boulder-sized fists deal 1d6 damage
  • Deals +2 damage on any melee attack (Add to their weapon's damage)
  • Alignment of Evil

Ogre's Head – Roll 1d6
[1] Tiny (Cannot be stunned) Shrunken, squeaky voice. No loss of appetite.
[2] Horned (Rage at 50% HP- gains +2 to hit + damage, -4 AC, no retreat) Bestial and hairy.
[3] Fanged (Gains 1d4+2 bite attack) Like walrus tusks. Gains adorable lisp.
[4] Long Haired (+1 AC) Graceful. Pretty party members will be jealous- zero tangles.
[5] Eyeless (Surprises party on 2 in 6) Probably a cave ogre. Moves in disturbing silence.
[6] Two-Headed (Knows one random 1st level spell; once per day) With two heads; now smart enough to cast a spell. The heads remind each other of the incantation halfway through.

Ogre's Belly – Roll 1d4
[1] Armored (+2 AC) Wears armor plates on its stomach, a bit clever by ogre standards.
[2] Painted (+2 saves vs spells, cannot be Charmed) Strange primitive runes, fingerpaint.
[3] Full (+1 HD) Satisfied ogre. 1 in 6 chance there's a person still alive in there.
[4] Oiled (+1 morale, can slap its belly to draw in another random encounter) Like a wardrum.
[5] Pierced (+1 to hit, get +10% on loot roll) Adorned with piercings.
[6] Saggy (+1 morale and damage) This ogre is probably really hungry. Hangs to its knees.

Ogre's Weapon – Roll 1d8
[1] Massive Cleaver (1d8+1) Giant meat cleaver. Crudely made, but strong.
[2] Log (1d12, attacks two at once; half damage to each) Big. Uses both hands.
[3] Executioner's Axe (1d8, change alignment to Greedy) Worked as an executioner once.
[4] Ship's Chain (1d6+1 with reach, sweeps away spears) Spins it like you do with twine.
[5] Logging Saw (1d10; does 2d10 if you're trapped in place) Bloodstained teeth.
[6] Big Rock (1d10, will throw at “annoying” people; ie bowmen) Favorite Ogre projectile.
[7] Dead Knight (1d6+1, knocks you prone on hit) Knight in full plate. Ogre snacks on his exposed face in between smashing people with the corpse.
[8] Beast Bone (1d6, breaks on first roll of 6 dealing 1d4 damage to all within melee range including itself.) Huge bone of some other big monster. Will be mad that you broke it.

Ogre's Disgusting Body-Part Shrine – Roll 1d10
[1] Feet (+1 to morale) Cuts off feet before they die, so you can't run. Slightly more intelligent.
[2] Hands (+2 in 6 chance to avoid surprise) Lots of experience catching thieves.
[3] Eyeballs (+1 to hit) Suspended in jars or tied on barbed strings.
[4] Entrails (+2 HP, rope lasso on first round of combat; save to free self) Bit of a trapper.
[5] Teeth (+1 damage on attacks) This Ogre likes to torture people extra. Watch out.
[6] Spines (unarmed attacks deal 1d8, knows one Special Move) Just pulls them out the back.
[7] Skin (+1 AC) Wears a long apron made of faces. Makes their own furniture.
[8] Butcher Shop (+2 HD) Keeps meat for later consumption. Big, even for an ogre.
[9] Blood Barrels (Can wash self in lair to instantly heal 2d6 hit points if it manages to escape from a losing fight) Doesn't collect body parts, just blood. Lots of it.
[10] Pyramid Of Severed Heads (Add “Reasonable” to front of alignment) Pretty well adjusted, honestly. I mean humans do this too, so you can't really hate the guy.

(Optional) Ogre Quirk – Roll 1d6
Only add a quirk if your Ogre is too boring, or if this is like the “leader” of a group of more generic ogres that you want to spice up a bit.
[1] Cage (Holds prisoner) Can carry around a prisoner in a wicker cage on its back.
[2] Hunter (Throws a 1d8 boar spear at start of combat) Wears pelts of beasts it strangled to death.
[3] Huge Nose (+2 in 6 chance to avoid surprise; can smell hiding people) Knows you're there.
[4] Superstitious (+2 to spell saves, Can be turned as an undead of equal HD) Fears the wrath of the Gods for its sinful life. Throws a pinch of bone dust over its shoulder when it witnesses a spell.
Witch (Knows one random 1st level spell; casts once per day) Wears a long robe or huge hat. Always speaks in rhyme, or hoards knuckle bones and must count them if spilled.
[6] Fat Ogre Shit (MUs must save to cast first spell) Lair is filled with very large, even for an ogre, piles of feces. Stings your throat; save to speak a spell without choking on poop fumes.

What's the last way somebody tricked it?
- Roll 1d8
[1] Told it that they'll bring a fatter family member along if they are set free.
[2] Held up two small black stones and claimed to have plucked out the Ogre's eyes.
[3] Somebody came in with a sash that said “Ogre Proof” on it.
[4] Victim asked for a game to decide their fate. Ogre agreed. Game was “who can sleep longest”.
[5] Elf complimented the Ogre over and over, made them blush and ignore that they escaped.
[6] Traded a sack of gold for a sack of silver. Told to pee on the coins to make them yellow.
[7] Said they'd scream and cause an avalanche if the Ogre didn't free them- they were uphill.
[8] Ogre ate a traveler's rice; was told  it would expand in their stomach if they moved around. The Ogre laid down and tried not to explode as the traveler made off with their treasure.

What's this Ogre called? (Roll twice on Name and combine. "Name-Name the Title" )
The Chopper
The Bloodletter
The Gluttonous
The Debased
The Mighty
The Terrible
The Vile
The Brute
The Smasher
The Meanie

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  1. Ooof, these are so good. I think every monster should come with this level of customization.