Monday, March 29, 2021

Where does a Dragon's Firebreath come out of exactly?

Art @Saeed Ramez
Roll a d6 to find out.

[1] Out of their throat, basically belch or vomit it out.
[2] Out of their nose, snort it out. May light things on fire when they sneeze or get mad.
[3] Out of fire glands or valves in their mouth; similar to a spitting cobra. Pic related.
[4] Gas is released from their body, spark pouch in throat/mouth ignites it safely at distance.
[5] Forms on the outside of their mouth from fluid that ignites with the air. Fire is partially liquid and kind of “sprays”, may be almost like a fantasy version of napalm. Very nasty.
[6] Out of their butthole lol.


  1. "[6] Out of their butthole lol."

    The potential campaigns held in this one are limitless.

  2. Having rewatched Reign of Fire during lockdown and had similar conversations with my partner about the biology of 3.5 era dragons (with two separate breath weapons), I can safely say that "[6] Out of their butthole lol." make me very happy.

    I'm now imagining a gold dragon who breathes fire from glands in their mouth [3] but also farts weakening gas [6].

    1. I'll steal that idea for the upcoming "Dragon Generator".