Friday, March 26, 2021

6 Weird uses of "Comprehend Languages"

Language of Dance
You lose the ability to talk, but you emote. This is the language of mimes and anything that dances to get attention. While under the effects of this, you can't cast any other spells, but you gain +2 AC from your ability to read and react to the words of motion. On the plus side, you can now understand giant bees and Swerda, or anything else that communicates through dance.

[2] Language of Magic
You lose the ability to talk normally, but can still cast spells through the strange warbled effect of your incantation-speaking voice. While comprehending magic itself, you can see what spells an enemy magician is about to cast the round beforehand as the energies being to gather around their body in an invisible aura. The DM must tell you what spell(s) the enemy magician has prepared at least one round before using them. Finally, you can understand creatures of pure magic or those creatures from the astral plane if they couldn't already be understood by a regular "Comprehend Languages" spell.

[3] Language of Machines
You lose the ability to speak and cast spells. However, your eyes become incredibly attuned to movements, and connections between objects as well as their apparent weight, composition, and purpose. By simply staring at an exposed collection of gears through a crack in the wall, you can tell the general purpose of a machine by staring at a small amount of its constituent parts. (The "purpose" here is always told in vague terms. Like a machine that shifts the walls of a labyrinth around is described as "it seems like its meant to move heavy weight" and so on).

Secondly, you gain +2 to saves against devices and traps. If you can somehow communicate with the other party members during this spell (or just attack yourself), you can also tell the weak points of various automatons and not!Robots in a fantasy world, granting advantage on attack rolls.

[4] Language of Water
You lose the ability to speak, but only above land. You can still cast spells, but only in the water. Spells come out as big bubbles that have to be popped by something sharp, with the spell being cast wherever the bubble popped. This spell does not grant water breathing. While under the effects of this spell, you can instinctively feel the motions, volume distortions, detiritus, and sound through a body of water. You can tell when a creature that is big enough to display at least a man sized amount of water is drawing near; you can avoid one random encounter while underwater.

[5] Language of Cloth
You lose the ability to speak. You can only cast spells if their target is yourself or directly around yourself/the target of the spell (you billow out your robe to make the spell come out). You gain the ability to understand the stories written in every piece of cloth and along every thread of twine. By looking at people's clothes you can see where they have been recently, and general ideas about their lifestyle. By touching and examining a piece of cloth or fabric you can tell generally where it has come from or who made it. This spell also lets you identify magic items by wearing them and feeling them up, but only magic items made of cloth. Finally, this language lets you see if anyone is hiding something under their clothes by reading the tiniest creases and folds of their outfit when they move and stand. This ability does not work on bottomless bags or bags of holding, since the item is just a gateway to another space.

[6] Language of Winds
You lose the ability to speak and cast spells, but can read the wind. You can gather smells and sounds from farther away; whispers across a city square filter into your ears from a distance, and can tell where and what is causing any given plume of smoke or sudden pillar of dust.

Additionally, by breathing and flowing your breath out in certain sequences, you can make the wind follow your motions. You can produce a stiff breeze to knock over objects, a gale wind to knock away arrows or push people back, or strength/reduce a storm in strength; taking a round, two rounds, or a turn respectively. Once you've used one of these, the wind moves on leaving you with nobody to talk to until the next time you cast this spell. 

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