Friday, March 12, 2021

Sci Fi Expedition-Planet Generator

Roll on this table when you discover a new planet and beam down to interact with the locals. Each planet has a specific biome (to keep with the tropey sci-fi theme), has a technology level, is ruled by one dominant race, and a dark secret.

– Roll 1d20
[1] Desert.
[2] Forest. 50% chance of being Rainforest/tropical instead.
[3] Grasslands and mountains.
[4] Garden. Planet has no predators, perfectly manicured grass, berries everywhere, etc.
[5] Polluted dump/trash world. May or may not be the fault of the current inhabitants.
[6] Snowy tundra world. Sparse woodland areas.
[7] Ocean world. If the dominant race is land dwelling, then they live on islands.
[8] Rain forest/tropical.
[9] Giant fungal blooms.
[10] Surface of planet is too hostile for life- everything lives inside massive cave system.
[11] Lava world.
[12] Rocky wasteland with giant crystals and geodes.

Technology Level – Roll 1d6
[1] Stone age. Tribal, but a few cities and monoliths exist. Built without your help.
[2] Medieval technology level. Most people are subsistence farmers.
[3] Early Industrial level. They live in growing cities with factories and automobiles.
[4] Modern Era. Technology has progressed to computers and information age.
[5] Early Space Age. Local orbit space ships and have begun colonizing their 1d4 moons.
[6] Modern Space Age. Have space ports, robots, regulation planet of the federation.

Dominant Species – Roll 1d20
[1] Cybernetic spiders with their brains in an artificial “mesh” attached to their heads.
[2] Immortal race of “pleasure droids” dropped on this planet eons ago.
[3] 10 ft tall ogre dudes with a beak. They pierce holes in their beaks for status.
[4] Fuzzy worms that constrict/snuggle prey to death.
[5] Triceratops people. Go crazy if they see a comet (or crashing spaceship?)
[6] Muscle people. Root themselves to one spot and stay their for life. Lots of regret.
[7] Tree people. Extremely slow moving, blend in with nature extremely well.
[8] Mole people. Die if too much of their skin is exposed to open air at once.
[9] Alien dudes that are like 80% head by weight. Ridiculous evolved trait for mating displays.
[10] Bird people. Look like emus. Can't fly, believe their gods can.
[11] Soft rounded bean people with few traits. Look like Fall Guys, basically.
[12] Horrible barbed chitinous bug people.
[13] Centipede race. Not anthropomorphic, just giant centipedes.
[14] Multiple eel “headhands” burst from a central “hive”. Brain is in the hive.
[15] Levitating, highly intelligent beings made of plasma and paper-thin tissue.
[16] Eyeballs filled with lighter than air gas. Use spindly spider legs as graspers.
[17] Blue/Green/Red/Yellow skinned humans. May or may not have weird forehead.
[18] Aggressive, predatory skinless monster people with dog-like heads and horns.
[19] Fish with prehensile fins. Have to wear globes on their heads to travel on land or your ship.
[20] Sponge people with regenerating, sexless egalitarian society.

Weird Cultural Quirk – Roll 1d20
[1] Doctors, and all other types of sorcerers, are forbidden.
[2] Every individual of their species wears choking amounts of perfume.
[3] No concept of intellectual property. They'll take a picture of your face and put it in ads.
[4] Find it extremely rude if your grasping organs (hands, tails, tentacles, etc.) are not covered.
[5] Everyone there follows an intolerant space religion. However, there is no pretense against new converts or apostasy. You are baptized when you arrive and excommunicated when you leave.
[6] All new arrivals are required to give up DNA sample. If low technology- it's a superstition.
[7] Every hut/house/pod flies a different flag above it. It's basically a family crest here.
[8] All vehicles, required by law, look like animals a bit. Somebody will paint a face on your ship.
[9] Every third individual here is a musician. All public places are expected to have music!
[10] The people are relatively solitary. Build their dwellings so they can't see each other.
[11] The technology here developed in a very unusual way. Stone weapons, lasers for medicine.
[12] Please take off your shoes before you step on the planet's surface. Thank you.
[13] Common slang on the planet sounds very similar to something very offensive on yours.
[14] Aliens keep rocks/dolls/robots as pets and give them names and personalities.
[15] They're Indian givers. They give much hospitality and gifts, but will call you thieves if you try to leave before paying them back.
[16] People are assigned into “friend groups” at a young age and aren't allowed to leave them. Your party trying to talk to the locals or be nice is seen as very weird, kind of taboo.
[17] Most of them think space is a bit of a hoax. Even if they have space travel themselves. You're from some island or something, right?
[18] They invite you to a simple, leisurely game. The game actually shows mating fitness, expect horny aliens if you try at all.
[19] Extremely neighborly and kind. They leave around random red tiles and objects; don't touch or step on them or else everyone will treat you like shit for then on. It's a test of your “intuition”.
[20] You must eat food the same day it is prepared, anything else is miserly. They'll feed visitors like you a great feast but will look offended and/or question your sanity if you ask for a to-go bag.

Dark Secret – Roll 1d20
[1] Secret society rules the world- pulls the strings. Group has access to tech one level higher.
[2] One tree/rock/derelict ship is fed sacrifices from visiting “outsiders” like yourselves.
[3] Geological event will cause everything on the planet to die in near future. Obvious to you.
[4] There is a race of alien conquerors just above the planet, hidden from natives' view.
[5] The dominant race has a very cruel culture; rape, slavery, child abuse behind closed doors.
[6] Genocide currently underway. Camps full of slightly off-color aliens, starving to death.
[7] You arriving here has exposed aliens to a deadly, incurable pathogen. Oops.
[8] Planet's core has a cache of super weapons, unknown to natives. Taking them = dead planet.
[9] Air contains an addictive substance; almost impossible to leave once adapted to it.
[10] Natives have a plentiful resource that is incredibly rare and valuable in open space.
[11] Ancient precursor vessel trapped underneath ice cap/sand dune/deep ocean.
[12] Their language and writing wasn't invented here. Taught by ancient alien visitors.
[13] They can mate with other species. 1 in 4 chance they eat mates after sex.
[14] Alien government keeps one of every species in their “zoo”. One of you will do.
[15] Planet has some kind of boogeyman creature that has lived on it since forever.
[16] Spirit of a murderer executed when you arrived will try to possess a crew member.
[17] Dominant race goes berserk at the sight of a specific color or pattern. Nobody mentions this.
[18] Computers are outlawed here because of a self-aware AI that destroys everything. Nanomachines on the planet are drawn to unprotected advanced technology- like your ship.
[19] One family/corporation/clan owns basically everything. It's not much of a secret, just kind of sad and nobody really has the will to change it or speak against it.
[20] The brains of the dominant species are not their own. They harvest gray matter/souls from a race of compassionate, pacifistic slug-like people who they've held as slaves for centuries.

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