Sunday, January 19, 2020

Rubber Forehead Alien Generator

Art @manticoresoul
Where is the location of the “Characteristic” on their Head? - 1d6
[1] Forehead and tips of ears if applicable.
[2] Eyebrow ridges and temples.
[3] “Mask” formation. Around eyes and bridge of nose.
[4] Around nostrils, nose tip, and cheekbones.
[5] All of the above. Heavily characteristic head.
[6] Chin and mouth area.
[7] Shoulders, neck, upper back, etc. Venturing far from “rubber forehead” territory.
[8] All of the above. Very bumpy and inhuman looking body.

How could you define the “Characteristic”? - 2d6
[2] Unfortunate vaginal/phallic shapes.
[3] Look a bit like artificial tubing or a 'vein' very close to the skin surface.
[4] Bulges of skin/fat.
[5] Spots and Dots. Usually a universal color. 1 in 3 chance to roll again for double feature.
[6] Tiny uniform dots. Like pimples but skin colored, and orderly.
[7] Ridges.
[8] Scales/inhuman skin localized in this one spot.
[9] Weird bumpy cluster of skin or a scab-like 'rock' skin covering.
[10] Vent/Gills/similar shelf-like formation.
[11] Antennae or jutting out skin-tag thing. May be hair tendrils instead.
[12] Colored splotches. More disorderly then the 'spots and dots' option.

What's their average Skin Color? - 1d8
[1] Pale Caucasian. “Very white”.
[2] Caucasian.
[3] Tanned/Olive.
[4] Reddish Brown.
[5] “Chocolate” or otherwise a lighter brown.
[6] Very dark brown to black.
[7] Abnormal neutral skin tone. Gray, straw yellow, blue-tinted, pure white/albino, etc.
[8] Totally inhuman skin tone. Bright Green, Transparent, Yellow, Orange, etc.

What's their Special Technology? - 1d8
[1] Crystals. Carry or channel vibrations. Crystal-y backdrops, maybe control panels with crystals.
[2] Special metals/smelting techniques. Or their planet has a “rare element”.
[3] They build the megastructures, or they grew up on one. The only known Dyson-Sphere.
[4] Replicators. If they're common in the setting, then one of these invented them.
[5] Fully functional hologram and simulation chambers.
[6] Mind control or psionic abilities innately.
[7] Biotechnology. May be responsible for creating other alien species and/or bioweapon monsters. Most likely to have “Apeification Gun” or other such nonsense.
[8] Common Sci-Fi tech that is mysteriously uncommon in this setting. Like Cloaking, Force Fields, AI controlled ships, holograms, etc. If it doesn't exist, they're the experts of it instead.

What's their One-Note Culture? - 1d6
[1] Warriors & Honor. Carry dumb looking swords. +1 to hit
[2] Peaceful, all about “meeting” other races. +1 to reaction checks.
[3] Industries workers or cutthroat capitalists. +1d6 to Intelligence
[4] Hardy survivalist race, have trappings of 'desert' cultures. +1 AC
[5] Religious or spiritualist race. +1d6 Wisdom.
[6] Suppression & Domination. Enemies have -1 to morale checks.

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