Thursday, January 9, 2020

10 Torso Mutations

[1] Your internal organs get loose and start to shift around. List down your internal organs of lungs, heart, liver, and stomach. Roll 1d4 for each against each to see which location each one shifts to. This has little practical effect, as all the organs continue to function, but now you must be stabbed in very weird places to die.

[2] You grow 1d4x2 extra nipples.

[3] Your hips and spine have shifted to be more like a theropod dinosaur. You still walk on two legs but your upper body is bent forward at an angle. Standing up totally straight hurts your back and makes your gait bow-legged and awkward now. You can run 5ft faster when in a full sprint, but without a tail to balance you out you'll slip and fall on any attack or saving throw that rolls a 1. This negative is negated totally if you manage to grow or add a prosthetic tail to help steer you while running.

[4] Your ribcage shifts and your entire torso implodes into some horrible perfect spheroid. Your heart is located at the very center, well protected. You need special armor and you are noticeably shorter. On the upside, you can roll down hills twice as fast as you can run.

[5] Your muscles are folding downwards. You gain incredible abs and +1 Strength as they concentrate around your waist, but a simple karate chop between your shoulderblades will cause you to be knocked out for 1d4 exploration turns- you basically have no resistance up there.

[6] Your spine melts. You find it impossible to walk or do almost anything for a week. Then, it grows back as two separate spinal columns, each about halfway between your shoulder and your spine's old position. This means you no longer have a straight backwards spines, but two spines to do the job of one. If any attack were to break your spine, you have a 3 in 4 chance to survive it as the other one picks up the slack. You can also pick up heavy loads at weird angles without injurying yourself. You look very strange from the back without a shirt on.

[7] There are white and orange bees living in your chest. They make honey from blood, and put larvae in the nooks and crannies of your bones. They can only exit your chest through your belly button- and they will defend you, their hive, whenever summoned. You can summon a small swarm of 2d10 bees by holding your belly button open. The bees will also take any additionally blood spilt on the ground of nearby corpses and return it to inside your body to make more honey, but only while the blood it's warm and fresh. You can feel them buzzing around when you sleep.

[8] Your sweat production goes into overdrive. Whenever you overheat, your entire torso sweats great sheets of liquid at a time, dripping off you rapidly. This makes you smell terrible but you also cool off extremely fast, and is a godsend in deserts as long as you have enough water to keep up.

[9] You grow large gills along your sides. These gills can be opened to reveal fuzzy tendrils that filter oxygen from water, but are not as efficient as gills would be on the side of your neck. Your gills grant you an additional turn of underwater time before you need to take a breath, but make easy targets giving you -1 AC

[10] You grow a Spetlzefran. It is a beige colored organ, squished against your right lung, opposite of the heart. You lose -1d3 Constitution due to compressing your other lung and generally increasing your blood requirements, but the Spetlzefran is a useful organ. Firstly, it improves the quality of your blood by trapping and killing slow or sluggish blood as well as adding purifying nutrients into your veins. Your lifespan is increased by +20 years if you are a human, adjust according to the recipient's race. Secondly, is squeezes your arteries very hard during a life or death struggle, and thus giving you a moment of firing blood from your eyes, mouth, ears, or any other bodily opening if you so chose- temporarily blinding foes and afflicting them with any negative effects your blood would normally have. You can only do this once per day before the blood lose makes you feel dizzy.

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