Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Winged Terror Generator

All Winged Terrors begin with;

  • Ability to Fly
  • Takes one round to take off once landed
  • 7 HD
  • AC as leather (12)
  • Morale 14
  • +4 to hit
  • Bite Attack / x2 Kick Attacks (rolled below)
  • Alignment of Neutral

Terrible Head - 1d10 (Bite Attack)
[1] Pelican (no damage; save or be swallowed whole) Long neck, distorted shrill bird-cry.
[2] Lion (1d10 bite, +1 morale) Distressingly humanoid. Shaggy mane hides its red eyes.
[3] Pterosaur (1d6, +1 HD) Some ancient beak-face from forgotten years.
[4] Fly (1d6 acid spit at range) Can fire acid blobs in flight. Giant creepy eyes.
[5] Fellbeast (1d12, Alignment to Evil) Yes, just like LotR. Long scaley necks, horrible teeth.
[6] Squirrel (1d4, spits two rocks at 1d8 in flight) Very cute. Boulders held in its cheeks.
[7] Woodpecker (1d6, +1 to hit with all attacks) Focused. Pecks holes in cliff faces.
[8] Hornet (1d8, Add "Angry-" to front of alignment) Is about as mean as it looks.
[9] Sea Cucumber (None. At 50% HP, Tubules breath weapon at 3d4 in a cone; save for half) Head terminates in a weird cloaca hole. Regurgitates its inner organs as a desperation move.
[10] Parrot (1d6, breaks open iron armor on attack roll of 20- no longer protects you) Bites open seeds as hard as your armor routinely. Magic armor +1 or better is immune. Whistles.

Terrible Legs- 1d8 (Kick Attack- Both kick attacks the same) Roll 1d6 for biological.
[1] Talons (1d10) Bird of Prey. Hunts and carries away cattle with these.
[2] Bird Claws (1d4, adapt at digging) Just like a chicken. Can dig you out if you try to hide.
[3] Dragon (1d6, dexterous, add "-Hoarder" to end of alignment) Very rapacious. Drops rocks.
[4] Hooves (1d4, save on 4 or be knocked prone, -1 morale) Sounds like a horse when running.
[5] Grasshopper Legs (1d6+1, jumps- takes off one round faster) Deadly sharpened spines.
[6] Hippopotamus (no attack, takes off one round slower, +1 HD and AC, save or die if it lands on you) Crushes people to death death.
[7] Stilts (no attack, +2 AC, weak to fire) Long stilts of wicker and wood.
[8] Cannons (2d6 explosive shot, -8 to hit, save or take half damage if adjacent to target, once per round, twice per encounter) This creature has unnatural cannons of metal instead of legs. Must steady itself if in flight to use these.

Terrible Wings - 1d6
[1] Moth (1d4 Dust attack while grounded) Sheds dust and curled setae; stings eyes, blisters skin.
[2] Dragon (+1 AC, takes off one round slower) Heavy wingbeats. Curls around itself for defense.
[3] Pterosaur (+1 HD, wind power) Huge skin flaps; can generate wind gusts to knock away arrows.
[4] Bat Wings (Nightvision, Can cling upside down) Creature of the night.
[5] Insect (-1 HD, takes off one round faster) Smaller then the others; droning flight. Hovers.
[6] Feathers (Quiet flight, +2 in 6 surprise) Colorful if it lives in a tropical jungle or island, white if it lives in a mountain, dark if it lives in a cursed land.

Terrible Tail - 1d12
[1] Puppy (Takes one less round to take off) Excitable. Wags as its mauling you.
[2] Thagomizer (1d6+1 tail attack) Prehistoric skin up to the base of the tail. Lazy weapon.
[3] Crocodile (+1 AC, can swim, takes off one round slower) Large, fat, frumpy.
[4] Leopard (+1 damage with all attacks) Stalks it prey. Likes to perch in gigantic world-trees.
[5] Peacock (Save or be dazzled one round) Unfurls proudly, will interrupt spellcasters.
[6] Scorpion (1d4 tail attack, save vs poison or 2 damage per round for 3d6 rounds) Black as coal.
[7] Smooth (+1 HD, takes one more round to take off, +1 morale) No tail at all. Plucked chicken.
[8] Stringer (1d8 attack, only in flight) Could pierce through chainmail. Not a bee; stings a lot.
[9] Chain (two 1d4 chain whip attacks) Short fleshy tail, a rusted manacle stuck on it from when it was once captured. Has learned to use its chain as a weapon.
[10] Sucker (once every three rounds; save or be swallowed) Weird purple flesh nub. Pair of lips on the end; leads directly to stomach. Some Wizard's horrible fetish, maybe?
[11] Pidgeon (1d4+1 feather dart attack at range) Can fling its feathers as projectiles. If its wings are also feathers, it gets two of these attacks per round.
[12] Rabbit (Paralyzing dust; save on breath or be stunned for 1d3 rounds) Big cotton tail. Looks really dumb, until you realize it produces paralyzing dust. If it's smart enough it will shake this on you from above, or kick up a bunch and flap wings to blast it at your face. Otherwise you have to try and flank the creature to be subjected to this.

Why is this Winged Terror attacking you? - 1d6
[1] You got too close to its territory.
[2] You are of its preferred prey species.
[3] Some random gem or cool rock in your inventory is actually one of its eggs.
[4] It can't tell your group of adventures apart from the one that tried to enslave it in the past.
[5] It's an old, ancient, lonely beast. It's gone senile and aggressive. No loss of power.
[6] It coats itself in the blood of humans & intelligent beings to attract a mate. Red wings.

What is its downy fluffy mane made of/or look like? - 1d6
[1] Look fluffy, really articulated spines. Puff up when angered.
[2] Long greasy hair, makes a mane. Looks spectacular in flight.
[3] No down, spikes instead.
[4] Chains and nails driven into its flesh/carapace. Rusted, blooded, will not die.
[5] Made of flowers, leaves, vines. Could be plucked for appearance, or just grows on the monster.
[6] Body of a giant fluffy caterpillar. Literally hollowed out and worn on the neck. Your hand goes numb for 1d6 hours after touching it.

What cool treasure is in its nest? - 1d8
[1] 1d3 Flying Swords, stuck in the earth. Makes sense- flying swords vs a flying monster.
[2] Scroll carrier. Within is 1d4 random weird magic spells. Lost on route to a Wizard library.
[3] 1d4 Giant Eggs.
[4] An entire airship- sails ripped and hull cracked. Could be made airborne with work.
[5] Giant unexploded iron bomb. Tossed from a catapult, Terror kept it as memento?
[6] Young dragon skeleton. Worth a fortune for medicine.
[7] Automaton Steed. It's a metal horse. Tireless. The Terror thought it was a real horse and tried to grab it for a meal, now it just kind of stands here waiting for someone to ride it out.
[8] Some dude tied to a rock with metal chains. Winged Terror eats part of him every day, poor bastard just grows it back.

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