Sunday, May 30, 2021

Adventures in the Upside Down- 8 Spells

(All art, names, and ideas were taken from listening to this album.)

[1] The Calm and the Storm
This spell is cast only when the user is within a storm. The storm moves so that the eye of the storm hangs over and around the user- following their movements for up to two hours. When the spell ends, the storm dissipates early, but the entire fierceness of the storm ravages inside the caster's body.

For the next 2d4 days after casting; the user will experience sudden coughs and spasms, their eyes clouded with unseen storm clouds. They take 1d6 CON damage. Using this spell can end a storm that would otherwise destroy, or even guide it for your own purpose, but you will feel its wrath either way. Especially powerful or magical storms deal 2d6 CON damage instead. If this is lethal, the caster's body will shake itself apart in a bloody spiral.

[2] Manta
Transforms the caster into a giant, flying manta ray. The ray's mouth is filled with the caster's head, which can think/see/talk just as it could normally. The caster can only direct the manta's body vaguely- it is an animal and cannot use weapons or items. This manta transformation can fly through the air or through the sea (but you cannot breathe water during this spell unless another effect provides it), and can carry up to 2 beings of the same general weight and size as the caster was before this spell was cast.

This spell lasts for 1d8 hours. If the manta's body touches any soil or earth at all; if it be from clouds of mud thrown at you or a rock thrown from a sling, the effect ends early and you will plummet.

[3] Revelation
This powerful spell must be cast on a stone altar after at least 5 HD of human or animal sacrifices have been made. The caster directs towards the sky and it visibly rips open, creating a black void where the caster may call upon any god or entity beyond the stars to speak through. This hole is still not big or powerful enough to let in any of these beings; but a sliver of their divine or otherworldly power could be let through, or it could allow those being to hear and speak to the evil cultist who may use this spell.

Also, whenever this spell is cast, 2d6 HD worth of otherworldly beings slip through the veil into this world, generally these will all be beings from the home dimension of whatever being was contacted by the first use of this spell. If no entity is specified, make it 3d6 HD worth of random others and otherworldly creatures instead, at least one of which will be a horror. None of the entities summoned or called by this spell are controlled in any way by the caster and act appropriately.

[4] Dear Zahdia
This spell grows "speed energy" underneath the caster's feet. Instead of walking, one slides. Every round of sliding, you gain +5ft or 1 square of movement. You can stop this speed at any moment by raising a foot or hopping into the air- though momentum will still carry you forward- any break in contact with the ground causes you to stop.

Additionally, this spell allows the user to speak while traveling at any speed and the message will be heard loud of clear, even if they couldn't possibly speak an entire message while standing besides someone, or if the noise of them swooshing past would be too loud to hear over it.

Note: This spell does not offer any increases to reaction time or prevent you from crashing into a wall at a million miles per hour and fucking exploding.

[5] Trepasses Bay
This spell is a semi-permanent enchantment, and must be cast on a body of water big enough that you cannot sea the other shore from one side. This spell is also a Cleric spell, and can be cast by a Cleric or Magic User of appropriate power.

This enchantment makes the bay moodier, foggier, and darker in general. At night, spectral lights can sometimes be seen, especially if any corpses are nearby. If a corpse is loaded onto a raft and pushed out into the water, it will be taken by the water, disappearing into the night.

For every burial done through this method, the area gains a greater and greater aura of the somber. Similar to a great monument or graveyard; the area around the bay will become quiet and serene, any beauty it had will remain but be changed into somber, melancholic beauty. This ability grants a +1 to saving throws for all beings within, and makes Cleric magic more powerful. Add +1 to the roll of healing spells for every two dozen or so corpses sent downriver.

[6] Peaceful Place
As Trepasses Bay, but in a field of flowers or meadow instead. Bodies are "taken" by the enchantment by being buried here. Additionally, bodies buried here never come up on their own nor do they contaminate ground water. The flowers grown in this meadow are always of pale colors, but can be woven into a garland or flower-bracelet which grants the place's effects to the user while worn until they fade away after 1d3 days or when spiritually "drained".

[7] Mother Earth
Anyone caught with or attempting to learn this spell is killed under pain of death in more wizarding societies. It requires a clay dummy of a volupterous woman to be placed on an altar somewhere in a mostly natural shrine.

After 2d6 weeks, the statue will begin to come alive and grow larger. Eventually, it will grow into a flesh and blood woman of the same skin tone as the clay she was made with. She is incredibly independent and enjoys traveling and learning new things, but her body will make her look more and more like a weird sex pervert no matter what she does. She'll tend to travel around; she also likes to sleep around, and can become pregnant with almost any living creature. Often, she is where horrible half man, half beast monsters come from- violent satyrs and minotaurs from when she laid with common farm animals. Yuck.

The Mother-Earth has a final property- if she dies, whatever land her corpse falls on first becomes contaminated. Her skin , flesh, and bones quickly rot away. Her body is death to plants and the land itself. Wherever an Earth Mother dies; the land becomes sickened and weak in that area. Plants will begin to wither, animals sicken and become twisted in some way.

[8] Captain Trips
This spell will be found in a weird spellbook or scroll with a different name. Something cool but vague and mysterious- like "Conjunction of Forgotten Yesterdays" or "Silent Winds from the Southern Watchtowers". When cast, an 8 ft. tall giant of a man in a black cloak, with blonde hair and blue eyes appears before you, swiping at nothing in the air and screaming about a winged terror attacking him. It takes two rounds for him to calm down, within that time he'll attack the closest living thing.

This is Captain Trips, a half giant sky captain who once sailed on the Skies and was trapped in stasis after being flung overboard. Once he is aware of where he is and what is happening; he will be generally helpful. Alignment of Chaotic, but friendly. He'll try to find his crew until he learns they've all been dead for two hundred years.

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