Monday, May 17, 2021

Blatant Fetish Posting- Vore

So let's talk about getting eaten alive by monsters. That's fun- happens less often then you think. There's a lot of random, specific mechanics that could be used for getting swallowed up. I've seen a few games with rules like acid damage per turn, rolls or DC's to escape, and so on.

I've had to have written a bunch of these rulesets by now in my various monster and creature write ups. Here's a unified procedure to make it easy.

Art @FinalRoar (very NSFW)

Getting Swallowed
Usually, characters are swallowed whole on an attack roll of 20 by a bite attack by a creature at least two sizes larger then the character. For instance, a human couldn't swallow a halfling whole, unless if they were some kind of weird mutant thing, but an ogre totally could. To make it a little easier, I'd argue that the bite attack does no normal damage (since it's a swallow, not a bite).

Some very large mouthed creatures, creatures with vacuum-breath, or long sticky tongues like giant frogs have a save-or-be-swallowed attack/ability they use instead. Save or be swallowed. Humanoid monsters should probably have to grapple you first.

Once you're hit with one of these; you don't get to escape. You get swallowed up. Heroic characters could avoid it in special situations; like a mighty warrior could hold the creature's mouth open with their body, a Rogue could maybe grab onto the tongue and avoid falling down into the gullet, etc.

Now, realistically speaking, it's pretty unlikely you'd actually be conscious if you get swallowed down the throat of a giant monster- you'd suffocate before you actually got harmed by stomach acid, and digestion is too slow to really act like an "attack" anyway. But this is fantasy, and I handwave this away since a giant monster probably has a lot of air in its body cavity for you to breathe at least for the first few minutes of getting swallowed whole.

Every round after the round of being swallowed, you take 1d6 + HD of the creature. This means a 4 HD giant frog deals 1d6+4 damage per round that you're in its stomach. You get a round of grace period, to represent the acid taking time to start corroding you and to make very high HD monsters less instantly murderous, though it's still pretty dangerous to be in there more then one round!

This is a nice middle ground of the main "punishment" of getting eaten to be separated from normal combat, but also means you don't want to get eaten. Based on certain monsters like Behirs or dragons or whatever I wonder if it'd be better to try and get eaten so you can avoid their more dangerous attacks like fire and lightning breath in standard D&D- this method makes a decent amount of unavoidable damage every round pretty dangerous on its own.

Once you're in the monster's stomach, there is no easy way out. Rogues may roll to climb out of the monster's throat- otherwise you are trapped.

You may make attacks against the monster from the inside. There is no attack roll- all attacks automatically hit. You cannot use any large weapons inside the monster; you can only use daggers or natural weapons like claws. (I'd say if you're inside a REALLY big monster, then you can use a sword instead, it cool) If you're fortunate enough to have these, you can harm the monster from inside. In these cases, the battle becomes a race against time to slay the monster and cut your companion out of its belly.

On an internal attack roll of 20, you can cut a slit large enough to escape, though it doesn't necessarily kill the monster; just deals the regular damage of the attack. Once this slit is cut, the monster cannot swallow anyone else unless it can regenerate. You can also save this move for a lethal final blow; the person inside cutting themselves out and the monster dies spectacularly.

I have no idea who the fuck drew this.